Boot Camp
  Past Summits

Objective: To provide participating companies with a concentrated opportunity to improve their presentation and then present their company to interested Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists.

When: June 2nd, 9am-4:30pm.
Where: Nixon Peabody (Hansen) 700 Hansen Way, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA Map and Directions

Registration: Limited to 40 entrepreneurs.
If you are a selected presenting company at the summit and wish to participate in the boot camp, please indicate so in the company registration form.


8:40am Registration    
9:00am Critical Mistakes Made in Business Plans Interactive workshop
Bill Joos
Your business plan is critical in so many ways.  It can be the ticket to raising VC funding and obtaining interest from potential clients and partners. Learn from start-up guru Bill Joos what NOT to do so you can develop a hard-hitting and compelling business case for your company.
9:45am The Power Presenter:
How to Deliver a Successful Presentation
Interactive workshop
Jerry Weissman
Presentation coach Jerry Weissman has spent twenty years teaching CEOs and other executives how to deliver successful, profitable IPO road shows. His clients credit Jerry's presentation coaching with helping their companies earn higher stock prices and higher IPO valuations. With Jerry’s help follow a seven-step plan for crafting your content into a compelling story. You'll learn how to conquer your fear of public speaking and present with force and conviction, naturally. You'll also learn how to speak with your body language, create empathy with your audience, and integrate your graphics design and animation with your delivery.

Customer Development
for Startups

Interactive session
Professor Steve Blank
This talk is for a “startup” new venture, or an existing company entering a new market.  Both must solve a common set of issues: Where is our market? Who are our customers?  How do we build the right team?  How do we scale sales?  These issues are at the heart of the “Customer Development” process.
11:30am Top Ten Mistakes:
When Raising funds
Interactive session
Dr. Amos Barzilay
Raising Money from Silicon Valley investors: The Top Ten Mistakes Entrepreneurs Often Make.
12:15pm Fundraising:
How Much, Valuation, and Future Rounds
Doron Rotman  With over 20 years of experience, Doron Rotman, Managing Director in KPMG's Advisory Services practice, will explain and give examples on how to determine the amount of money to raise, pre-money and post-money valuation, dilutive effects of subsequent rounds of financing, as well how to analyze the return to VC’s and founders in various exit scenarios. 
12:45pm Business Insurance in the US Dennis Teifeld   
12:55pm Building a great High tech or Green Startup Team Max Shapiro  in Tough Economic Times
1:05pm Lunch Jaap Beernink Overview of B&M Business Development services (10 min)
1:30pm Managing and Thriving
in a Troubled Economy
Lior Zorea During these difficult economic times, start-ups are facing more challenges than ever before. This talk explores some of the legal issues and landmines affecting start-ups in the current environment in three key phases of a start-up's life cycle: financing the company, operating the company, and selling the company.
1:50pm Design for Exit Interactive Session
Spencer Greene
With the public markets closed, M&A is the definition of success for many startups. Others may drive to cash-flow positive and even consider dividends. How should you think about strategy and business plan questions in this context?
2:35pm Patent Pending Interactive Session
Joseph Bach
Many start-ups presenting to investors state that they have either issued patents, or pending patent applications. Some even highlight the fact that they have provisional patent applications pending. What does it mean? What is the value of these patents and applications? Is it a barrier to entry? Mr. Bach will discuss these issues and will be available to answer other questions relating to intellectual property protection and litigation.
3:20pm "Most Promising Early Stage Company" Award
2009 Screening
Screening Session moderated by Doron Simon
For companies that registered to participate in the exhibition on June 3rd. Each company's CEO will present his company in front of other participating CEOs and the screening committee. The format is 5 minutes presentation plus 5 minutes feedback.

Testimonials from Boot Camp Participants

The experience of participating actively in the 2009 Silicom Ventures Summit at Stanford University far exceeded my personal expectations.  I attended the Day 1 Bootcamp believing we were already well advanced and had little to learn.  I could not have been more wrong.  It was an intense, compressed, full power program that barely allowed time for a rest break. The experience of actually presenting our formal pitch to the training team at the end highlighted important weaknesses in our presentation that we have now improved on.

We were fortunate to be shortlisted as a finalist to pitch on stage to the main body of Angel and VC investors the following day.  The opportunity to present to a group who had just been listening to the likes of Meg Whitman and Vinod Khosla was amazing and definitely a highlight in my career.

The Summit was a line in the sand for GoPC.net and myself.  It became our nominated official startling line by which point we would have all of our investor materials and presentation ready.  We were prepared beforehand but I can definitely say we are so much better prepared now having completed the Summit.  Being selected as a finalist to win was actually enough to reawake the interest of Angel investors who had passed previously and we are confident of closing part of our current investment round quickly.  There were some excellent connections made and the summit was an experience I would happily recommend to other entrepreneurs.

CEO & Founder, GOPC


I just want to thank you for the opportunity to participate in Silicom Ventures. I thought the bootcamp was terrific and the event itself was jam packed with good stuff. We walked away with angel leads and two venture funds contacted me over the weekend. You can't beat that in this environment!

Martha Amram, Ph.d.
CEO, HomeZ Inc.


The boot camp on June 2nd was very productive in generating ideas to improve the positioning of the company. The presentations on how to raise funds, style of presentation, the shift from product development to sales and M&A were particularly useful.

When attending workshops, I usually set my expectation for one or perhaps two good presentations. Your boot camp was surprising because it had way more presentations that were helpful.  Thanks for putting on a great workshop.

Rick Holman
President & CEO, Industrial Origami



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