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Gaming 1uptoys bridges the gap between toys and videogames. 1uptoys is shaking up the toy industry with 'connected toys', toys that can be connected to a pc and internet. Not only are these these toys motion controlled, but users can record their own songs on the pc, store them on an iPod or upload the songs to internet.
Infrastructure Analatom Inc. is a Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) company applying its wireless sensor hardware and analytical software technology to affect both Reduced Environmental Degradation (RED) of military and commercial infrastructure and Reduced Total Ownership Cost (RTOC).
Energy Efficient Technologies Articmaster is an energy efficiency company with products that cost-effectively save 20% to 20% of the electricity consumption of air conditioning and refrigeration. Our mission is to deploy the most effective energy efficiency technologies, to improve quality of life. Our technology can and will make a significant reduction in the 24% of all electricity consumed by air conditioning and refrigeration in the US.
Boston Heart Lab provides the most comprehensive and scientifically advanced diagnostic information to make meaningful treatment decisions for patients and to become the leading knowledge based service provider for Heart Disease.
Video Displays
Displ’aire is revolutionizing video displays with a family of products that provide a high definition video experience for smaller entertainment and Digital Signage opportunities. Large-scale video displays are being used to great effect at large venues such as concert arenas, sports events and digital signage.
Web visual communication Dyyno is a game-changer in the communications market. Our user-friendly communication platform seamlessly transports audio, video, text, graphics and voice for live, interactive webcasts with audiences of unlimited size across multiple devices.
Cleantech EnnovationZ (formerly HomeZ) makes it easy for homeowners to save energy, water and money. We are a technology-enabled services company, leveraging proprietary analtyics and data to lower costs to serve, personalize recommendations and connect homeowners to products and installers.
Image Search

GazoPa is a next generation image search engine that uses features from an image such as color and/or shape to search for and identify similar images. GazoPa enables the use of users’own photos, drawings, images found on the web and keywords as search keys to locate similar images.

Cloud Computing

GoPC is next generation "cloud computing" technology delivering a floating PC desktop with applications & storage to almost any Internet connected device. GoPC is a disruptive technology with a desktop and applications to rival Microsoft, a delivery mechanism to rival Google Apps, online storage to rival Xdrive but runs 100x faster.

Mobile & wireless

HISEP Technology developing a novel RF direction-finding technology, that can overcome reflections in a rich-reflection enviroment. our technology can be integrated into cellular handeset and serve as a platform for a variety of applications.

Holland Container Innovations is a techno starter from the Delft University of Technology. In cooperation with the university, HC Innovations is developing a foldable or collapsible container. The innovative design and easy use will allow our clients to reduce empty transport over land and sea significantly, as well as the on land storage of empty containers.
IT Inbox2 is a smart Email application aggregating all your accounts into one. At the moment, Inbox2 supports Gmail, Facebook, Hotmail, Yahoo, Twitter, Exchange, Hyves, AOL, LinkedIn.
Manufacturing Industrial Origami develops and markets a suite of innovative sheet metal forming technologies used by leading manufacturers of consumer and industrial products. Compared with traditional manufacturing methods, our patented technologies, enable game-changing product innovations, dramatically reduce manufacturing costs by 20% to 70%, and are naturally green.


Invirion is the first theranostics company dedicated to the detection, monitoring and treatment of life-threatening viral diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cervical cancer, and organ transplant rejection. Invirion was founded in 2000 and sells products worldwide.
Medical Medicaa provides solutions for balance disorders, the MBS is an FDA and CE Mark approved novel and integrated approach to the diagnosis, treatment and exergaming of balance disorders.
Drug Delivery Micronit has been manufacturing glass-based lab-on-a-chip products for almost ten years. Micronit has extensive experience in micromachining and is a key supplying of glass microfluidic chips to life sciences and chemistry markets. Micronit is a reliable supplier to OEMs, providing high quality lab-on-a-chip components for analytical instrumentation, and also a dedicated research and development partner for science and industry.
IT, Software
Novulo is dedicated to helping IT organizations innovate their software development and delivery processes. To achieve this, we provide a comprehensive development platform aimed at accelerating development and creating optimal business alignment.
Fabless Semiconductor
& Semiconductor IP
Recore aspires to become an established market leader in reconfigurable multi-core platform solutions within five years. An excellent engineering team is devoted to create supreme systems-on-chip, with exceptional power and performance characteristics. Recore attracts the best people into all levels of the organization and encourages a stimulating environment, with strong links to leading research centers.
SaaS Life Cycle
ServoTerra unleashes the value of your assets. ServoTerra provides SaaS asset life cycle planning and a trading exchange platform to proactively plan in advance for profitable disposition, not liquidation.
Healthcare Services SurgiCruise aims to provide high quality surgical procedures to US patients at lower costs, by operating in an international legal jurisdiction.









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