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Time Segment Speakers/Panelists Abstract
8:00am Registration & Exhibitions Booth Presentations  
8:50am Opening Remarks Master Ceremony Raffy Chatav
Gadi Behar I Silicom Ventures
Bernard Widrow | Stanford University
9:00am Keynote Meg Whitman I Former CEO eBay  
9:25am Consumer Media
Trip Hawkins
Founder and CEO
Digital Chocolate

"The Omni Media Revolution"
A massive change in consumer media behavior is underway. Led by disruptive products that are causing exponential growth in digital media markets, traditional consumer media are becoming obsolete in the name of convenience and social value. This is creating many new opportunities for products, services, and companies.

9:55am Consumer Media
Yossi Vardi | Int. Technologies
Thomas S. Rogers | Tivo
Marissa Mayer | Google
Ram Shriram | Sherpalo
Kara Swisher | All Things Digital

CJ Cornell | ASU, Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship

"Consumer Media: What's Next"
Media technology has enabled and empowered consumers to become creators, producers, marketers, activists and leaders - with audiences and customers of their own.   All bets are off; College students are the new media moguls; innovative products are developed often in less time than it takes to go through airport security. So what's next on the horizon?  Will consumers embrace the rapid pace of new products?   Will they pay?  And what are the opportunities for investors? We’ll hear from four accomplished and experienced technology leaders as we discuss trends in consumer media technology and how they are impacting business and society.           

10:40am Alternative Energy
Vinod Khosla
Khosla Ventures
"Maintech, not Cleantech"
Finding the "Chindia" solutions, and the key criteria necessary to differentiate them from niche opportunities.
11:10am Alternative Energy
Ajit Nazre | KPCB
Atiq Raza | Khosla Ventures
Ray Bingham | General Atlantic LLC
Tom Baruch | CMEA Capital
Dipender Saluja | Capricorn Investment Group
Joseph Bach | Nixon Peabody
"Breakthrough Tech for Truly Cost-Effective Alternative Energy" Current solutions are barely competitive with conventional ones and rely on government subsidies or on large spikes in oil prices. Furthermore, experts have diametrically opposing views on many issues such as bio fuel, nuclear energy, and the viability of the electric car. This panel will concentrate on discussing truly cost-effective alternative energy solutions.
11:55am BioTech
Q&A Session
Anne Wojcicki | 23andMe
John Steuart | Claremont Creek Ventures

"Investing in BioTech" while some analysts were predicting that the biotech industry would not be adversely affected by the problems of the general economy, it seems that the poor economy of 2008 caught up with the industry. This session will explore and try to answer questions about the risk/reward trade offs of biotech investments and to shed light on future directions and opportunities.

12:20pm Lunch &
Buffet-style Located in the garden next to the McCaw Hall
1:20pm Early Stage Investment
Ken Elefant | Opus Capital
Eitan Bek | Pitango Venture Capital
Ryan Floyd | Storm Ventures
Jennifer Fonstad | Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Jeff Pulver | pulver.com
Josh Green I Mohr Davidow Ventures

Barry Kramer | Fenwick & West LLP
"Early Stage Investment: Where do we go from here?"
The tough economic times provide both challenges and opportunities for early investors. Clearly, most of us cannot afford to invest at the same rate as we did before 2008, however those of us who continue to invest see bigger deal flow, higher quality companies and better investment terms. This panel will discuss the changing situation both from the viewpoint of the investor and that of the startup company looking to raise its early rounds of financing.
2:05pm M&A Buyers
Nagraj Kashyap | Qualcomm
Brian Moriarty | Sun Microsystems
Luis Avila-Marco | Juniper Networks
Sandeep Varma I Symantec

Jackie Kessel | Hanson Bridgett

"Mergers and Acquisitions: Opportunities for Startup Companies" With public offerings in short supply and profitability hard to come by, many startups are looking for the alternative exit: M&A. In this panel we will discuss and analyze the strategy and tactics that small companies can employ to achieve a successful acquisition and provide a win-win-win solution to it investors, employees and its acquirer.
2:50pm Internet Search

Burak Gokturk I Like.com
Marti Hearst | UC Berkeley
Andrew Tomkins | Yahoo! Research
Michael Genesereth | Stanford University

Jordan Becker | Perkins Coie

"Search: The user experience of the future"
The panel will discuss how the search experience is going to change in the future. With a “future” timeframe of 5 years from now, how will the experience of search be different for users? Among the many ways to be very different, which ones hold the most promise and how will be balance science and fantasy?
3:35pm Mobile
David Perlmutter
Executive VP GM of Mobility Group | Intel

"Mobile Vision" The mobile computing world is becoming more mobile, with thinner, lighter and smaller form factors emerging that bring a PC computing experience to new users and in new ways. From super thin and light –yet powerful – notebooks to mobile internet devices to netbooks will marry with broadband wireless communications to bring an entirely new experience to the world. This talk will discuss the required technical enablers as well as the opportunities provided by this explosion of mobile IA computing.

4:05pm Final Presentations & Award Ceremony 3 selected companies by the screening committee will present for 5 minutes each Final presentations in front of a panel and audience, followed by an announcement of the winner
4:55pm Closing    


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