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  Past Summits

The "Most Promising Early Stage Company" Award of 2009
The 2nd annual competition for the most promising early stage company 2009 will take place on the second day of the summit. The winner will be determined by 4 judges that are angel and VC investors.

The winner of 2008, IQWIND, received a monetary prize and recognition. The award was handed to the CEO, Gideon Ziegelman, in a ceremony of which he was chosen out of 33 presenting companies.


The "Life Achievement" Award
The third Life Achievement award will honor an outstanding individual for his/her contribution to society.

Past recipients:

Stef Wertheimer is most notable for founding industrial parks in Israel and neighboring countries, fostering economic growth and job creation to help create stability among the region.

Marcian Edward "Ted" Hoff, Jr. designed the computer-on-a-chip microprocessor (1968), which came on the market as the Intel 4004 (1971) and led way to the microcomputer industry.


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