Bindkey Technologies

provides the VLSI industry with layout tools and technologies to significantly reduce Time To Market of new products. These tools enable companies to speed up IC design and improve the design quality. (Acquired by DuPont Photomasks)



developed a breakthrough Structured ASIC technology aimed at dramatically reducing the overall fabrication cost and time of customized high-performance semiconductor chips.(Co-investment with Kleiner Perkins)



is a semiconductor IP company that developed innovative transistor structures that can reduce the sub-threshold leakage current in digital circuits.



provides precision time interval and waveform measurement capabilities for full speed production testing of semiconductors on automated test equipment(ATE).




(formerly Instant 802 Networks) provides a complete wireless software platform that empowers device manufacturers to deliver on the promise of life without wires. (Co-investment with Kleiner Perkins and August Capital).



is a leading supplier of end-to-end connectivity solutions for servers and storage that optimize data center performance. (IPO in 2007).

Digital Media   Real Estate


enables videogame developers and publishers to monetize on games using intelligent gaming social applications.


SBpacific Group

Invest In the acquistion of the 318-Unit Bluffs Apartments in San Antonio, Texas and The DaVita Building at Shadelands Professional Center at Walnut Creek, California.



is a leading virtualization technology company. Its hosted desktop virtualization product, Solid ICE, is used by several Global 2000 enterprises around the world to significantly improve the manageability, security and policy enforcement for their desktop environments.
(Acquired by Red-Hat)


Vsecure Technologies

develops next-generation Internet security solutions that will provide an answer to the emerging computer security needs of businesses and organizations.
(Acquired by Radware)



a market leader in contactless/NFC payment software, over the air (OTA) card provisioning, promotion, and transaction management infrastructure software, NFC smart posters, and contactless readers/writers.

Life Science

Spectros Corp.

develops and markets advanced detection & imaging systems that use light to locate trace amounts disease to direct interventional therapies in the body in real-time, such as therapies for ischemia or cancer.


Satori Labs

is a leading provider of digital pen-and-paper solutions for healthcare forms automation.


Diabetica Solutions

(formerly Xilas Medical) is a medical device company presenting diabetic foot products to prevent potential lose of toes or feet. FDA approved and on the market.


Sensant Corp.

is leading the development of silicon-based micro-drum technology for diagnostic ultrasound imaging. (Acquired by Siemens)



is a pharmaceutical company focusing on discovery and development of drugs for cancer and women's health.(IPO in 2007)



provides an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for insulin users, resulting in improved outcomes and reduced costs.



developed a real time diagnostic that will assist dermatologists identify melanoma with a higher accuracy by providing biological information of melanoma activity.



Cephasonics’embedded-ultrasound technology lowers power and accelerates time-to-market of ultrasound-based products for medical and imaging applications.

Alternative Energy   Social Networking


is focusing primarily on R&D and business development activities. In addition, the company has developed an IP strategy and is currently filing a broad Provisional Patent application which covers key elements of its technology.



(formerly CollegeWikis) harnesses the power of community-based information. They develop the best email list software. Over the past two years, they have been used by over 50,000 students at schools throughout the US.

Internet / Software


is a global provider of innovative idea-capturing systems for the education, distance learning, conferencing, audio/visual, and office products markets.



presents technology with the most realistic navigation aid available on any digital device, anywhere. The groundbreaking technology enables in-car navigation systems, PDAs, PNDs, mobile handsets and PCs to display realistic, 3D virtual worlds.



brings advanced digital video and audio software products to PC consumers. Ships as standard application on many OEM PCs.
July 17, 2003, Initial public offering $39,200,000.Acquired by Corel



develops network resource management software for real time monitoring and trouble shooting in intranet and Internet systems.



created appointment scheduling online with an integrated reminder service.(acquired by Microsoft)



is the first Internet Personal Assistant. It's a free service that allows users to manage all their online accounts, simplifying their internet experience and helping them keep track of user names and passwords, bill due and expiration dates, and notifications, all in one secure page.


Redwood Software

is a leading provider of real-time Manufactory Execution Systems (MES) for continuous process production.



(formerly OnVantage) is the leader in enterprise meeting management providing technology solutions for meeting consolidation and attendee management.



enables consumer product companies to Internet-connect their products at a low price with high ease-of-use.

Entertainment   M & A


is a state-of-the-art skydiving wind tunnel designed for the general public.

Sparta Systems  

Sparta Systems, Inc.

is an enterprise software development company that has developed configurable solutions for logging, tracking, and trending of quality assurance and GxP issues.(acquired by AIG Healthcare Partners)

Consumer Electronics    

iSeeLoc, Inc.

has developed an indoor navigation platform that will sell into the consumers market through various products and services.

Past Presenting Companies
Acquired by Cisco Systems Acquired by RSA Security Acquired by Juniper Networks Acquired by EMC Merged with Cellgate
Acquired by SanDisk Acquired by Cisco Systems Acquired by IBM Acquired by AT&T
Acquired by Microsoft
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