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As we approach the summer break, we are getting ready for the Annual Symposium in real estate next month and the China Summit in the beginning of September. We are also about to launch the Silicom Ventures Blog and online discussion forum, intended for members only. The forum will provide members an opportunity to discuss meetings, events, portfolio, due diligence and any information members would like to share.

Looking forward to see you at the Symposium on the 15th.

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Semi Solutions, a semiconductor IP company who's solution automatically adjust the MOS transistor threshold as a function of applied gate voltage. The company successfully closed $750K round last week (April 20, 2007).

Veodia democratizes digital media publishing by making it easy and affordable to create and distribute live and recorded video to a large community of Internet viewers on PC, Mac, 3G phones or video iPods. The company closed angel funding.

Xilas Medical, a medical device company presenting diabetic foot products to prevent potential loss of toes or feet. FDA approved and on the market. For more information please contact Gadi.


KollabNet, produces Design-Management software, which automates the highest-leverage segment of engineering design for manufacturing companies: Conceptual design is under due diligence. For more information please contact Gadi.

Human Network Labs will provide technology and services for mobile devices. Their application will be able to locate people and things within a 50 meter area and the relationship to each other. It will resides in a mobile device such as a phone, MP3 player or game console and allows interactions with people and objects near the user. The lead investor is Tal Lavian.


SkyVenture Silicon Valley site's construction should be completed in a few months. On April 1st investors visited the site

Chakshu Research is making a great progress on achieving their milestones, currently seeking to hire a CFO More 

Yoggie was chosen by Red Herring to the 2007 Europe best 100 companies list More

Spectors update

Luidia announces new software for Windows Vista More

GuideTech welcomes Tom Anthofer of Cipio Partners to the board of directors More

Devicescape partners with Tropos® Networks to enable easy, automatic access for municipal network users More

3DVU Consumer Report - 10 high-tech car features that are pushing the envelope More

ANNUAL 5TH SYMPOSIUM "Real Estate: Good Time To Get In or Get Out?"
On May 15th Silicom Ventures will hold its Seventh Annual Symposium. In this symposium we'll focus, for the first time ,on real estate investments. The event will feature a panel discussion titled: "Real Estate: Good Time To Get In or Get Out?". At the event real estate firms and developers will offer special deals and opportunities for members, click here for more information.
SAVE THE DATE, on June 12th Silicom Ventures will hold a panel discussion on the next generation of search engines that will discuss topics such as: What is the future of web search? What are the limitations of the web search experience today in the major destinations (Google, Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft)? What is the promise of personalized search, local search, vertical search, semantic search and other approaches to search? This will be the last event prior to summer break.

If you missed any of the events below and you would like to see the videos please click here (member log-in required)

Date Topic
March 13th, 2007 Enterprise Software and Alternative Fuel plan to Israel by Shai Agassi
February 13th, 2007 "The Future of Medical Devices: Innovations, Market Growth and Exit Models"
January 9th, 2007 "What Stem Cells Mean to Science, Medicine and California" by Prof. Irving Weissman
January 9th, 2007 "Going Green for Good" by Ray A. Rothrock
December 12th, 2006 Panel Discussion:YEAR IN REVIEW: Investment and M&A Trends"
November 14th, 2006 Panel Discussion:"Semiconductor Technology: little room left for innovations?"
November 12th, 2006 Silicom Ventures honoring Benjamin Netanyahu Speech: Speech and Reception
Sep. 19th, 2006 Panel Discussion: "Open Source:Where is the Business, Where is the Money?"
June 6th, 2006 Panel Discussion: "Alternative Fuel: Opportunities for the 21st Century"

As you know we have been working in the last six months to finalize the program in China for September 1st. Two members Joseph Bach and Raffy Chatav flew to China last week to conclude the agreements. The summit includes three days in Beijing, two days in Wuhan and an optional two days in Shanghai. Click here for the tentative agenda (the dates are final). There are two programs: for members and also for their spouses. At those events we will be meeting government officials, high tech industry experts, investors and entrepreneurs. The tour agenda consist of tours in Tianamen Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Humble Administration Garden, Tiger Hill, a dragon boat cruise in the Kunming Lake and more. If you would like more information or to participate, please contact Gadi or Tal.

Silicom Synergy - a daughter group of Silicom Ventures composed of young adults, many of whom are children of Silicom Ventures members is holding an event in cooperation with the Technion on April 26th at Silicom Ventures' office. The title of the talk is: "FROM ORANGES TO NANO-CHIPS: Exploring technological innovations and Israel's robust economy as propelled by the country’s excellent institutions of higher learning such as the Technion leading to progress, security and prosperity for all." More
SPECIAL REPORT: China: Risks & Rewards-Business opportunity driven by relationships

Click here for the report.

This Article was sent by Dennis R. Teifeld founder and CEO of Teifeld & Company, Insurance Services.

2007 HR TRENDS REPORT: People to Profitability
TriNet’s “Executive Guide to 2007 HR Trends” is the result of a survey sent to thousands of executives at small and medium-sized companies. More

Angel Investment Market Grows By 10% In 2006, More

Due to the increasing number of Silicom Ventures members in the past year we would like to remind members that if they would like to bring a guest to let us know in advance. Just as a reminder, members can bring a potential member as their own guest for one event (based on availability).




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