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Spectros Corporation under Due Diligence- update

Following Spectros Corporation presentation last month a few members, Jacob Dayan, Marcel Cohen, Omy Shani, Israel Beinglass and Edith Ong led the due diligence in the company. Last week more members joined the DD team to look deeper into 4 segments as follow:
1. Gary Benton (lawyer from Coudert Brothers) and Yoram Arbel will join Israel Beinglass and Marcel Cohen to look into the term sheet
2. Lawrence Edelman (patent lawyer) will join Edith Ong to examine the patents.
3. Daniel Platzker will join Edith Ong to check management reference.
4. Dr Sokoloff will join Omy Shai to check the Technology and the market.
Dr. Eran Geller is also available to share his experience on Spectros product.

Portfolio Updates

E-Z-CAD raised a bridge loan from Silicom Ventures members. Eli Sternheim joined the Board of Directors.

Integrated Materials Inc. received a term sheet of $8.5 million in Series B financing. IMI continues to make progress with customers in Asia, Europe and the US and introduced its "ultra-clean" product.

Luidia article about Rafi Holtzman the CEO of Luidia in the IVC March issue Col. 4

ActiveCool launches AC-4G-D to address computer industry's growing CPU heat crisis and PC noise concerns. The former CEO Ronen Meir was replaced by David Yoskovich.

V-Secure Technologies Global Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer Sartomer Deploys Vsecure's NetProtect(TM) Enterprise Intrusion Prevention Appliance for Network Security.

Silicom Summer Break Party

Please pencil down May 22nd @ 8PM for Silicom Ventures first summer break dance party. The party is for Silicom Ventures members and spouses and will take place in Los Altos Hills. Stay tunes for further details.

Past presenting companies

In this column we will follow up on startups that presented in the past to Silicom Ventures forum but didn't generated investments.

  • Kirtas Technologies a developer of Book Scanner system presented on June 11, 2002. Please click here to read recent article.
  • MetaPass invented universal secure remote access, digital key solution. Presented on January 14, 2003. Click here to read their first article.
  • Mountain View Pharmaceuticals from the Biopharmaceutical
    drug delivery industry presented on September 3, 2002 have some good news:Savient Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (formerly Bio-Technology General Corp.), the licensee of the PEG-uricase invented and patented by scientists from Mountain View Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Duke University, has begun a multi-center, Phase II clinical trial. The attached press release from Savient provides more details about this drug for treatment of intractable gout, for which MVP has registered the trademark Puricase(R).


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May 11th
Vinod Khosla General Partner of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

August 10th
Udi Manber, VP and Chief Algorithms Officer, Amazon.com

September 7th
Kevin G. Coleman,Chief Strategist, Netscape Division of AOL iPlane

November 9th
Professor Kristofer S.J. Pistert will speak about "Smart Dust"