LTE v.s. WiMax
Is 4G around the corner?
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DATE :  December 15th 7PM, 2009  ABSTRACT: It is only a matter of time before a new dawn in the age of telecommunication would be announced. With the buzz going around that 4G technology is just around the corner, it looks like 4G is going to be available sooner than expected. Despite their differences in origin and current availability, the two standards may grow closer with time, especially as newer iteration on the standard emerge. The real battle is not between the competing 4G networks, but between wireless and wired broadband. With technologies like LTE and WiMAX, the transition is moving forward.
VENUE :  Nixon Peabody 200 Page Mill Rd., Suite 200, Palo Alto
7:00 - 7:30pm Networking
7:30 - 8:30pm Presentation and Q&A
Alon Konchitsky
8:30 - 9:00pm Networking

Dr. Alon Konchitsky CTO, VP Engineering and Founder of Noise Free Wireless. Alon heads up the Technology and Engineering . Prior to serving as the CTO, Mr. Konchitsky served as Chairman, CEO and President. Alon has 19 years of proven experience where he held senior management and technical positions at Nokia and Intel-DSPC. He also held research position affiliated with Stanford University, Department of Electrical Engineering in the space of Discrete Time RF Processing and Microwave. His products, like the DSP baseband processor, as well as the DRF, are currently driving all RIM Blackberry Bold smart phones and Nokia mobile phones. Alon also worked at IP valuations (Goldman Sachs), where he managed M&A activities, due diligence, negotiations, IP and patent litigation. Throughout his career he served the 3GPP WCDMA worldwide committee, consulted to financial institutes, VCs and private equity funds. He holds many granted patents plus several dozen pending. Alon received Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Masters of Management and PhD in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University, Bournemouth University and UCSD.

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