Silicom Ventures cordially invite you to a seminar given by Dr. Arnon Amir on the topic "Eye gaze Tracking Technology: A New Point of View"

Eye gaze tracking technology provides continuous, real-time acquisition of a person's eye gaze direction and the point of regard on a computer screen. For more than half a century, gaze tracking has been used mostly in research labs, for studies of the human vision system, and as means of communication for the disables. However, to date, all commercially available gaze tracking systems are still intrusive, complicate to use, and are very costly.

Recently, there are encouraging signs that a long time wait for a revolution is about to end. New research results, recent advances in digital imaging sensors, faster computers and progress in embedded systems suggest that within the next five years eye gaze tracking would become simple to use and affordable. Dr. Amir and his team have built several different prototypes, including an embedded system for eye detection with no CPU. It demonstrates the viability of simple, single-chip eye detection and gaze tracking sensors. Dr. Amir will bring this prototype system for a demonstration.

When: September 6th, 7PM
Where: Silicom's Main office
Who: Silicom Ventures members only, limited space, based on availability. Reservations only — by September 1st to [email protected].

Light Dinner Buffet will be served

Speaker: Dr. Arnon Amir, research staff member, IBM Almaden Research Center.

Dr. Arnon Amir work covers multiple aspects of computer vision and multimedia information retrieval, from data analysis, indexing and search, to browsing and visualization. Amir explores new computer vision algorithms for detecting and tracking human eyes and determining the point of regard, and their applications in HCI. His work includes eye
detection, eye contact sensors and eye gaze tracking. As part of the BlueEyes project he jointly developed a calibration-free eye gaze tracking system with free head motion and a single-chip eye detection prototype. He seeks to make these technologies robust, easy to use, widely available and affordable to the mass. Amir holds nine US patents and has co-authored more than 60 technical papers in refereed publications. He has served as program co-chair of the 4th ACM Symposium on Eye Tracking Research and Applications 2006, and on program committees of major international conferences. He was awarded several awards, including the Rothschild Fellowship 1997/98 and the IBM Research Accomplishment award in 2005.



Arnon Amir