Silicom Ventures cordially invites you to a seminar given by
Alon Konchitsky PhD on the topic:

"Wireless Standards Evolution: Converging to 3 Billion Digital Consumers"

When: March 6, 2008 @7PM
Where: Silicom's Main office
Who: Silicom Ventures members only, limited space, based on availability.
Please RSVP to info-sv@silicomventures by February 28th.


- Introduction

- Business motivation and Access techniques

- Transition from 1G to 3G through 2G


- Market sizes

- Conclusion and Summary

- Q&A

  About the Speaker:
Alon Konchitsky

Mr. Alon Konchitsky currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Noise Free Wireless. He is a serial entrepreneur who has held management and technical positions in leading companies as Nokia and Intel-DSPC. His baseband is in many cellular phones on the market today, including all RIM Blackberry phones. He was a member and later chairman of the 3GPP WCDMA committee and consulted to several financial institiutes and private equity. He holds 19 patent applications and received a BA in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Masters of Management and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University, Bournemouth University and UC San Diego.