Silicom Ventures cordially invite you to a seminar given by Dr. Alex Padva on the
topic "Keys to Innovation – How to Solve Problem Creatively"

When: October 30th, 7PM
Where: Silicom's Main office
Who: Silicom Ventures members only, limited space, based on availability. Reservations only — by October 25th to rsvp@silicomventures.

Nine Keys to Innovation

The Nine-Dimensional Methodology for innovative thinking is a systematic approach that stimulates innovation by effectively using both sides of the brain. It is a unified approach that builds on comprehensive problem solving knowledge from industry, business, marketing, math, science, engineering, technology, and daily life. The different dimensions, namely Uniqueness, Dimensionality, Directionality, Consolidation, Segmentation, Modification, Similarity, Experimentation, and avoidance, provide leaders, managers, and workers with new insights and thinking strategies to solve problems they face.

The new methodology:
- Looks at problems systematically
- Enhances creative power and innovative skills of problem solvers
- Helps to generate unique “out-of-the-box” unexpected and high quality multiple solutions
- Stimulates innovation by generating more and better ideas quickly
- Increases productivity of the idea generation process.
The methodology works extremely well in brainstorming sessions. It is easy to teach, learn and use.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Alex Padva

Dr. Alex Padva

Dr. Padva is a scientist with over 40 years of experience as a key administrator, consultant and researcher. Dr. Padva holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Illinois in Quantum-Physical Chemistry. He published several articles in peer reviewed journals including the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. He taught creative problem-solving techniques for waste control in Florida, California and Massachusetts. In 1991, Dr. Padva was nominated for the President’s Environment and Conservation Challenge Award in Education and Communication. He has been an invited lecturer to close to 100 conferences, workshops and professional meetings. In June of 1994, Dr. Padva was invited to speak before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology – Subcommittee on Technology, Environment and Aviation. In 1993 he made a presentation as an environmental expert to the Florida Cabinet and the governor. Completed officers’ training course in the Israeli Defense Force with a special honorary distinction. Completed company commanders’ course. Served as a combat officer in the Israeli paratroopers in duty service and in the reserves. Veteran of the 1968 and 1973 wars.