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#  Industry  $Mil
90  Software  861
40  Biotech  489
36  Infrastructure  337
13  Optical  272
24  Services  245
15  Telecom  203
18  Wireless  178
10  Semiconductors  169
13  Healthcare  144
6  Broadband  127
4  pharma  121
10  Medical Devices  84
8  ISP/Hosting/Stor  80
3  CRM  71
9  Other  70
Updated: 1/10/02 1:08 PM

#  State  $Mil
81  California  1,266
27  Massachusetts  306
13  New Jersey  146
11  Pennsylvania  142
11  Texas  115
6  Maryland  107
8  Connecticut  101
7  North Carolina  89
16  New York  77
8  Washington  73
Updated: 1/10/02 1:08 PM

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Press Release

Silicom Ventures LLC raise funds for three technologies startups last month
1/9/2002 8:07:07 PM

Los Altos, California, January 9, 2002 – Silicom Ventures, a Silicon Valley base investment group, announced today that it had raised funds for three innovative start-ups companies, Vsecure, AxessOne and eZula last month. Vsecure is an Israeli based company that develops next-generation Internet security solutions that will provide an answer to the emerging computer security needs of businesses and organizations. The lead investor for this round is Hyperion and they are joined by Delta Ventures and a few members from Silicom Ventures. AxessOne's mission is to become the first 2nd generation broadband fixed wireless service provider in select European markets. The company bought the assets of Formus, a failing 1st generation operator. In particular, AxessOne owns valuable spectrum assets in Belgium and Luxemburg. The company raised a bridge loan in preparation for its A round of financing. Leading this bridge round were the founders of BridgeWave Communications. eZula developed a new paradigm for advertisement on the Interenet. Their browser plugin enables the highlighting of certain keywords that link the user to the corresponding corporate websites. eZula gets paid by these corporations based on the number of clicks. The company has currently 3,000,000 Active Users and is on the verge of being profitable.

"Studies show that Israel has the second highest per capita startup ratio. Silicom Ventures, having a high percentage of Israeli executives is ideally placed to serve as a bridge between the Israeli technologies and the US markets", said Gadi Behar, the founder and managing partner of Silicom Ventures. "In addition to the primary goal of raising funds, we are using our extensive contacts in Silicon Valley to assist American, Israeli and even European companies to set up headquarters here and to develop their sales and marketing operations."
"We believe that these latest investments are indications of an improving economy and a more favorable investment climate" said Mr. Behar.

About Silicom Ventures

Silicom Ventures, founded in Oct. 1999, is an investment group composed of angel investors (executives from the high tech industry) and Venture Capital's representatives (20% of the group). Currently Silicom is 104 members. The group meets once a month to review prospective investments from seed stage to second round financing. Silicom's broad range of expertise in the Information Technology arena adds a considerable value to its portfolio companies in building successful businesses with a long-term value. For more information please visit:

Contact information:

Tal Behar
Executive Director
Silicom Ventures
1456 Fowler Ln.
Los Altos, CA 94024
[email protected]

Note: Press releases are submitted by users and are not checked for accuracy by Venture Reporter. If you see press release abuse in our system please email [email protected].

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