Poster Session Companies April 12, 2011
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Company Industry

Presenting & Exhibiting

Hydrogen production from water

Coastal Hydrogen Energy, Inc. aims to commercialize a new patented technology for cost‐effective production of hydrogen and oxygen from water—a leap forward from traditional electrolysis.

Second Round


Aviation Training, Commercial Driver Training & Recreational Industry

Flyvie accelerates and improves training experience of complex and demanding activities through interactive debrief and social sharing.

Angel Round


Electronic Accessories

Frends is dedicated to designing, developing and marketing consumer electronic products for the youth/lifestyle marketplace.

$1M for 10%
Second Round

Medical Devices ImThera Medical is a neurostimulation medical device for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) $700K to close out Series B
SaaS Enterprise Software

InfoNeedle offers simple, engaging, and interactive virtual venues to globalize every event.

Series A

Energy Storage and Renewable Power Generation

SHEC Energy Corporation offers a global Solar energy solution for base‐load 24 hour a day renewable power.


Mobile Software & Online Services

Xform Computing brings the power and convenience of cloud computing directly to the end consumers today on their Tablets, Smartphones and set‐top boxes.



Exhibiting Only


Mobile, Consumer

CellTwo aims to enable every cell phone to have two or more different identities = lines. CellTwo allows the mobile user to choose which network to work with, choose the coverage, price plan and in any chosen geography.



Smart Grid Tropos Networks develops best-of-breed wireless broadband communications networks for utilities to build and control the Smart Grid. Tropos economically meets all of the requirements for Smart Grid communication networks – reliability, performance, security, adaptability, and manageability. Partners & Clients