Poster Session Companies April 13, 2010
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Company Industry



Mobile Marketing Advertising

Celliex enable marketers to interact with consumers everywhere.

$600K out of $1M Total Round



Madeira Therapeutics develops pediatric prescription drug products to fill unmet medical needs in the pediatric population (children age 12 or younger).

Series A

Travel Technology and E-Commerce Meet4Trip brings the power of information technology to the planning and sharing of the World exploration.

Round A


Medical Devices

Sanarus develops and markets minimally-invasive cryo-technology products that kill benign and malignant tumors; We will improve the medical Standard of Care for tumor treatment.



Battery materials, hydrogen storage, catalysts, electronic inks

Wildcat Discovery Technologies has developed proprietary high throughput solid-state synthesis and testing platforms for rapid exploration of new materials. The company’s unique technology enables breakthrough discovery of novel materials and is rapidly scalable from grams to kilograms.

TBD, Series B 1Q2011


Renewable Energy

SweptWind is in the business of designing, building and delivering medium sized VAWTs (Vertical Access Wind Turbines) from 100kW to 1MW for use as distributed power systems

A-round: $1M


Member's Company


Electronic payment card and mobile device payment card

Cryptite has developed the only payment card product that allows issuers full control over the generation of dynamic cryptograms with transport to the personalization bureau of as many dynamic elements on Tracks #1 and #2 that are desired, and an interface to mobile devices for OTA provisioning and cryptograms updates to minimize fraud.

$1.5-2.0MM Seed Round