Poster Session Companies February 9th, 2010
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Company Industry


Real Estate Development Advanced Technology Park (ATP) at Ben Gurion University is an investment opportunity presented by Negev Ventures. ATP aims to promote technology and commercialization of leading-edge research and innovation being developed through BGU and affiliate institutions such as the Soroka University Medical Center and the National Institute of Biotechnology in the Negev through the development of a commercial world-class technologies park adjacent to BGU. $12M                  Building #1
Healthcare Information Technology

CyPace is the leading healthcare software development company specializing in real-time Electronic Medical Record (EMR) forensics and analytics.  We provide healthcare institutions technology to meet State and Federal Regulatory requirements for Health Information Technology (HIT) privacy, security and breach notification. 

$600K                       1st  Round (post founders/ family/ friends)
Medical Technology Hearium is a Med-Tech company that is in a space not regulated by the FDA. We have cornered an area of the IP landscape at the intersection of hardware, software and material science with over 200 patents enabling the personalized control of sound for an $11.5 B/yr $8M                   
2nd Round
Cleantech Pilus Energy is developing the Pilus Cell™. This is a microbial fuel cell reactor that harnesses genetically enhanced bacteria and harvests the direct current (DC) electricity and hydrogen gas from their metabolism of organic and nitrous oxide compounds. $500K              
Seed Round
Elevator Pitch      
Quintessential Engineering
Electric Motor/ Generator Quintessential Engineering will develop revolutionary electric motor and generator technology. $250K - $500K
Data Protection InMage transforms the way corporations protect their business. Traditional backup and recovery methods are outdated and don’t meet the real-time demands and cost constraints companies face today.  InMage comprehensively addresses IT infrastructure recovery requirements in this new environment with solutions for disaster recovery, local backup, and high availability applications. Partners and Clients