Poster Session Companies October 5, 2010
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Company Industry



Personalized Medicine

DNA Guide provides Genome Management Software for the personalized medicine professional – specializing in the security and visualization of personal genetic data. 


Sport science, healthcare and therapy Icy Solutions fills a market void in high quality ice bathing therapy equipment. We aim to lead innovations in the field of athlete cooling to aid athletes recover better and faster. $500K

Healthcare/ Oncology

PrognosDx significantly improves patient care through Epigenetic personalized medicine solutions. 

Solar PV Equipment

SiLight aims to create shareholder value by helping solar energy move beyond grid parity with silicon wafers for solar cells that are half the cost of today’s wafers and requires 30% less capital.

$250- $500K


Follow Up



Arrayent sells an end-to-end software solution to major brand product companies that want to add internet, i.e. smartphone, tablet and PC browser, connectivity to their products.




Members' Corner

Ariel Notcovich is the Director of R&D for the Protein Function Division at Bio-Rad Laboratories, Hercules, CA. In July 2000, after a patented technology from his PhD and together with Professor Steve Lipson at the Physics department in the Technion and the entrepreneur Dan Vilenski, he funded ProteOptics Ltd to develop a new optical system for the monitoring of multiple bio-molecular interactions in real time: the ProteOn™ XPR36. As the result of a successful development the company received multiple investments from Bio-Rad and finally was acquired by Bio-Rad Laboratories in 2006 creating then Bio-Rad Haifa. After managing the group between the years 2000 to 2008 including the integration of the Israeli startup to the American Corporation, Ariel was relocated to the US to take a new role in the headquarters as the Director of R&D for the Protein Function Division. In his current role Ariel has overall responsibility over a multidisciplinary team for the design and development of few product lines including Imaging Systems, Protein Interaction and Mutiplex Immunoassay platform.
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: BIO and BIOb), has remained at the centre of scientific discovery for more than 50 years, manufacturing and distributing a broad range of products for the life science research and clinical diagnostic markets. The Company is renowned worldwide among hospitals, universities, major research institutions, as well as biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies for its commitment to quality and customer service. Founded in 1952, Bio-Rad is headquartered in Hercules, California, and serves more than 85,000 research and industry customers worldwide through its global network of operations. The Company employs over 6,800 people globally and had revenues of nearly $1.8 billion in 2009. For more information, visit