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5/11/04 Confirmed Companies
Spectros develops and markets medical devices enabling therapeutic treatment of ischemia, an insufficient flow of blood to critical tissues.
Deliver highest quality flat panel displays based on Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology with balanced colors, long life times, low power consumption.
A leading provider of datacenter automation and utility computing software that reduces costs, improves application service levels and increases IT efficiencies.
A medical device company developing a break thru technology in the field of stents.
Metriscape provides software applications for the global education market.
Revolutionize the $3.3B Ultrasound medical imaging market. Sensant's Silicon Ultrasound technology represents the first fundamental change in ultrasound.
Biopharmaceutical company with novel, rapid, drug discovery and development technology in Women's Health and Cancer, Bionovo's drug MF101 is entering FDA- Phase II clinical trial.
Develops next generation email security and secure document delivery systems for enterprise business, ISP, Government, and home users.
Albion Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to the rapid development of novel ion-channel drugs using the biodiversity of predatory marine snails and other marine organisms.
Affordable simulation acceleration technology. SimPLE can handle RTL designs up to 100M gates and accelerate the simulation run times by a factor of 10x or greater.
Legend Films has a proprietary technology which allows it to put black and white movies in color with a quality never before seen.