Pictures VIP Event
January 27, 2008
Doug Engelbart the inventor of the Mouse at Dan Maydan's house The first mouse built by Mr. Engelbart, introduced by Dr. Sam Haddad
Dan Maydan, Consulate General of Israel David Akov, Pnina Klein and Tamar Akov
The first mouse
Sheldon and Mimi Breiner with Bea Haddad and Merry Sherman
David Akov and his wife Gadi, Amos Wilnai and Tal
Linda Law, Daniel Ruben and Ilene Sokoloff  
Eli Sternheim and Ram Banin Ted Hoff with Joseph Perl, Eran Geller, Judy, Sharah and Riki
A look from above.. Yigal Brandman sharing his mouse invention
Dan Maydan addresses the guests  
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