For decades, we have been using our credit and debit cards all over the world. The system put in place by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and others is so ubiquitous and convenient that we don’t even think about it. We just know it will work and that we are protected. Now, we have all heard about Identity Theft and fraudulent transactions. Is the system that safe? What to expect with new technologies like contactless in a card or even in a cell phone? How long will it take to reach our pockets and how do we stay protected with these new payment means?

April 8, 2008
5:00PM -9:00PM

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SVB, Santa Clara
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  Title: "Payments: From Plastic to Phones: what to expect and is it secured?"
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Daniel Chatelain
Vice President Operations and Strategic Alliances, QSecure
Daniel Chatelain started his career more than twenty years ago as a pioneer of the Minitel, focusing on banking, telecommunication and media services. He is a serial entrepreneur and was CEO or COO of several technology companies in Europe and in the US. Among other business deals, Daniel signed with Time Warner and US WEST to deliver their Interactive TV platform at the beginning of the 90s for Orlando and Omaha, with EDS to build their Home Banking and Bill Payment service that EDS was reselling to banks in the US. Daniel launched several technology ventures within the EADS Group and the Lagardere Group. Daniel is now working on a new technology to protect your money in the future in making the copy of magstripe for debit and credit cards (better known as skimming) irrelevant. In this capacity, Daniel is working with top issuers and card associations to prepare the deployment of this disruptive technology.


John Muir
Managering Partner, Trusted Strategies

John Muir is the Managing Partner of Trusted Strategies spearheading advisory services and consulting to companies seeking investment and product development expertise in the IT security sector. Mr. Muir has more than 20 years of senior management experience in private and public IT security firms including Enigma Logic and Pointsec Mobile Technologies, both of which he co-founded, and as VP Authentication Division of Secure Computing. John's unique combination of business and security technology expertise has led to frequent speaker engagements at major security events and numerous published articles. He is noted for his research on the structure of the IT security industry, particularly in relation to authentication, encryption and mobile devices and developed security courseware for the National Center for Manufacturing Services ( NCMS). John has a degree in International Economics from UC Berkeley and an MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration.
Didier Serra
Executive VP of Sales and General Manager, INSIDE Contactless, US


A founding member of INSIDE Contactless, Didier worked at Gemplus, where he was project manager for the development of contactless tags and reader products. He has held several positions at INSIDE Contactless starting out as technical project leader for the development of analog circuits for contactless chips and readers prior to leading the RFID marketing group where he has played an active role in the evolution of Contactless ISO standards and has regularly contributed to the development of the ISO 14443 and 15693 standards. Didier then headed up INSIDE's sales activity as Executive Vice President of Sales where he has successfully developed a number of strategic businesses and new channels. Didier has then open INSIDE’s US office in California and is heading all Sales initiatives for North America.
Kerry Brown
Founder and CTO, QSecure
Kerry Brown is founder and CTO of QSecure, a platform company whose SmartStripe electronic powered credit cards prevent the fraudulent use of stolen card data. Mr. Brown’s knowledge of materials science, cryptography, and computer science enables these broad solutions to an historic problem associated with payment cards. Mr. Brown is applying his skills and knowledge of the card-based payment industry acquired as the Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder, and angel investor of ViVOtech. He is an inventor with more than 10 financial transaction-based patents filed or awarded for ViVOtech, in addition to over 20 patents filed or awarded at QSecure. Mr. Brown's ViVOtech contributions have won the Electronics Transaction Association Innovative Technology Award in March 2005, and the Frost and Sullivan Electronic Payment Enabling Technology Award in May 2005. ViVO tech is building momentum towards a liquidity event and has secured such strategic investors as CitiBank, First Data Corporation, Nokia, Motorola, and VC groups. Prior to founding ViVOtech, Mr. Brown was Founder and CTO of I-Borg, was Vice President and Co-Founder of TEMAC, and previous to that was Vice President of Hana Microelectronics. Mr. Brown worked as research member at Xerox-PAR, receiving the Special Achievement Award.
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