RST Pallets, provider of  cost effective, durable and environmentally friendly pallets to all industries involved in shipping products worldwide, presented to Silicom Ventures on May 14th 2002 and generated a great deal of interest from members. Below please see an updated from Talmy Roach:

"We have made further progress in our effort to fund the company. A number of meetings were held with interested investors

over the last 3 weeks and we have received a verbal commitments for funding. There are few more investor meetings pending,

followed by a presentation and meeting with the Sierra Angels group in Tahoe. We hope to reach the goal of $3M, and are looking at possible investors outside the Bay Area as well. We are planning to attend another meeting in the next few days in Las Vegas to

reach closure on all issues related to management and the structure of the organization. We are making progress on closure of

the issues that were raised by Silicom Ventures members and expect to report results on most if not all your concerns in the next general meeting".


For additional information please contact Gadi.

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