, a presenting company at Silicom Ventures November and December meetings, has generated interest among some Silicom Venture members. ILCU is in the space called social networking for event goers. It has community building features like email, bulletin board, chat, and the likes, and caters to the set of emotions and interest that is generated around the experience of going to an event. ILCU has built web technology which brings two audiences together: event goers plus advertisers and merchants who want to sell to the event goers goods and services, directly or indirectly. By employing this strategy, ILCU follows community-centric companies like MySpace and Facebook, as well as eyeball aggregators like YouTube. An informational meeting for interested invstors will take place on January 4 at 4:30 at Silicom Ventures office. If you want additional information, contact Rani Bornstein at [email protected] or Ilene Sokoloff at [email protected].