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3. Israel Summit 2008: Recap
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Upcoming Events of 2008

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October 14th 2008 | Next Generation Mobility: Applications and Devices

October 19th 2008 | VIP Event | Keynote Speaker: Paul Romer, Economist (Gold members only)

November 18th 2008 | Unlocking the Epigenetic Code: Investment Landscape and Opportunities

December 9th 2008 | Flash Technology in the Enterprise

December 13th 2008 | Holiday Party

January 13th 2009 | Financial Outlook for 2009

February 10th 2009 | Keynote Speaker: Nolan Bushnell

Google Visit: August 27, 2008

On August 27th, 60 Silicom Ventures members visited the Google campus in Mountain View. The group dined at the Google Cafe, took a tour of the campus, and listened to Product Evangelist, Thomas Korte, speak about Google's products and how Google grew from a start-up into the world renowned entity it is today. Thank you to all who joined-- it was an exciting and informative visit! At the request of the members who participated, we plan to schedule tours of other Silicon Valley companies in the future.

Israel Summit 2008: Recap

According to the delegation members that traveled to Israel, the Silicom Summit 2008 was very successful. We received numerous emails from happy participants and we are very satisfied with the results of the summit as far as business and networking. At least one company received investment during the conference and several others are in discussions and due diligence with some of the VCs and angels who were in attendance at the event. In June of 2009, we are excited to hold a subsequent summit here in Silicon Valley at Stanford University (see below).

View more pictures from the Israel Summit 2008.
View Press Releases from the Israel Summit 2008.

Stanford Summit 2009: Save the date!


@ Stanford University's Alumni Building

Under Due Diligence

IQWind is the winner for the 2008 Most Promising Early Stage Company Award. IQWind introduces a disruptive technology into the wind energy market in order to significantly reduce the cost of wind-produced electricity ($/kwh). The company is at a relatively early stage but has an impressive team. Four members have expressed interest to invest and are completing the due diligence process. For more information, please contact Lance Glasser

Bravisa, Inc. provides a social commerce application that enables individuals to monetize their social web presence by promoting high-margin products.  Bravisa’s unique one-to-one commerce architecture enables centralized access to products, personalization of pricing and content. The company presented to Silicom Ventures at the August 12th event.
Please contact Amos Barzilay for more information.

Expert Dynamics Ltd. has raised $1.1 million from three investors at a pre-money company valuation of $4 million. Expert Dynamics develops revolutionary software of MCAD / ECAD / CAE collaboration solutions for the electronic design & manufacturing industry. Expert Dynamics expects to launch commercial sales of two products in 2009: the XDModel software for electronic and mechanical design collaboration, and the XRobust software for Virtual HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing). Expert Dynamics is seeking additional funding. For more information please email Rami Varon at [email protected] or call +972-54-8082201


Portfolio Company Updates

Nusym Technology Inc. Verification startup gets $8 million in funding. Functional verification EDA tool startup Nusym Technology Inc. said Wednesday (Sept. 10) it raised $8 million in series B financing. The funding round was led by Voyager Capital, and included participation from Simmons Goodspeed Investment Management, an undisclosed public company, and previous investors Woodside Fund and Draper Richards, Nusym (Los Gatos, Calif.). The company said it would use the funding to refine and introduce its intelligent verification product line. The product line is currently being evaluated on leading edge designs at Nusym's semiconductor partners, the company said. As a result of the funding, Daniel Ahn of Voyager Capital will join Nusym's board of directors.

Ponté Solutions (formerly E-Z-CAD), a company focused on bridging the gap between design and manufacturing in order to enable defect-tolerant IC design, was recently acquired by Mentor Graphics.

Semi Solutions is continuing its progress in validating its solution for the leakage problem in the semiconductor industry.  The company is now testing its second-round Test Chip.  Measurements to date indicate that the basic concepts of the technology seem to work. At the same time, they are learning that the early predictive models they developed about two years ago were incomplete and, now that they are getting actual device data, further work is required to optimize the applicability of their inventions. Semi Solutions now has access to both IBM and TSMC models on their advanced CMOS processes. By combining all this information, they are advancing the development of our technology. Two US patents have been granted, including one protecting the basic invention.  Six more are in the works. Financially, the company is continuing with its “zero burn-rate” management.  Their cash balance represents 44% of the initial investment that was made in April 2007, the balance having been spent on test chip fabrications and legal fees (mostly on patent work).

Veodia, an agile video service that enhances daily work communications, today announced a partnership with Jive Software, an enterprise collaboration software provider. Veodia will bring its high-quality streaming video capabilities to the company's flagship product, Clearspace, allowing its users to interact more effectively with video-enriched collaboration. The integration will be unveiled on the show floor and at the Launch Pad session during the 2008 Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston, June 9 - 12, 2008. With this partnership, Jive's Clearspace users can collaborate and communicate using high-quality video. Veodia's plug-in will seamlessly integrate into existing workflows, allowing users to create and consume video within Jive's Clearspace product line and enhance postings with video in a matter of moments. The Veodia platform is designed with the enterprise requirements in mind, providing a reliable, secure and scalable service that can be integrated into a variety of business processes...read more.

eASIC delivers 45nm zero mask-charge new ASIC family. Leveraging the rapid success of its award winning 90nm Nextreme ASIC Products, eASIC Corporation announces its next generation Nextreme-2 Family – the semiconductor industry’s first 45nm, zero mask-charge New ASIC family. The Nextreme-2 Family delivers on eASIC’s promise of affordable silicon customization, enabling the design of custom chips using state-of-the-art 45nm technology and the delivery of working devices in only six-weeks. eASIC is currently engaged with early access customers, and mainstream availability will commence in the fourth quarter of 2008...read more.

Yoggie Security Systems named as finalist for CNET Networks UK Business Technology Awards 2008 for its innovative Gatekeeper Pico Pro™ technology. Winning a CNET Networks UK Business Technology Award has become one of the most soughtafter accolades for all those involved in business technology in the UK. The Awards continue to attract entries from the entire spectrum of user organisations and technology companies whether they are a small start-up, vertical specialist or technology giant...read more.

Spectros closed a technology agreement with Caliper Life Sciences (NASDAQ:CALP) for undisclosed terms. Under this agreement, Caliper will have access to certain optical technologies related to optical imaging in drug discovery and clinical life sciences. Caliper Life Sciences, Inc. engages in the sale of products, services, and integrated systems consisting of instruments, software, and reagents to life sciences biomedical and pharmaceutical researchers worldwide. Spectros markets and licenses advanced molecular sensing and imaging devices that shed light on ischemia and cancer, and out-licenses technology to biotech concerns outside of our clinical product line. Spectros anticipates additional service, technology, or licensing to be closed with other life sciences concerns in the coming year.

Luidia Inc., a leading provider of innovative interactive whiteboard systems, announces the release of a new version of eBeam® software for interactive projection environments in classrooms. eBeam Interact v.2.1 provides new and improved functionality, such as Screen Recording and Scrapbook Image Writer, and allows teachers to access easily an extensive online image gallery. The upgraded screen recording feature allows users to: record everything that happens on the desktop and include voice tracks from the computer’s microphone, playback instantly in the eBeam movie player, and then save the recordings as .avi, .wmv, or .swf (Flash) movies...read more.

Member News

Red Hat acquires Qumranet ( Benny Schnaider)
For those of you who met Benny Schnaider in the Israel summit this summer, he spoke about "Bootstrap Financing" and in the Silicom Ventures previous meetings, we are glad to share with you that his company was acquired by Red Hat last week. Click here for the news. Benny is no a stranger to successful acquisitions. As the CEO of PentaCom Ltd. a leading provider of products implementing Spatial Reuse Protocol (SRP) for IP based metropolitan networks, he was acquired by Cisco in 2000. Benny led large Cisco engineering groups that developed high-end routing and digital video products. Benny also co-founded and served on the Board of Directors for P-Cube, a developer of IP service control platforms, which was also acquired by Cisco in 2004.

Tigo Energy Announces $6 Million Funding (Ron Hadar)
Tigo Energy, founded by Ron Hadar, is a solar company whose technology enables an increased efficiency in commercial and residential solar installations, announced today it has raised $6 million in a round co-led by Matrix Partners and OVP Venture Partners.

Funny Corner

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