Spectros’ news summary

Gross revenue grew 160% from 2004 to 2005 and this pace is expected to be maintained in 2006.
Spectros is being organized into divisions, each division will be responsible for a different market area. An M&A sale of Ischemia Division is expected as early as 2007.
• Ischemia products are in sales now in the US and Europe.
• Spectors has hired a Director of Sales.
• Trials in colon surgery will be expanded to two additional sites in the US in 2006.
• Success in these trials would increase Ischemia product market size by 5-fold.
• Spector is penetrating the field of breast cancer diagnostic products.
• A full time clinical director was retained to manage the trials of vascular surgery, colon surgery, drugs monitoring and breast cancer.
• Spectros has entered into corporate agreements in two product areas:
1. A non-invasive device to monitor drug treatment for home use to treat oxygen-dependent pulmonary disease .
2. An out-licensed product for monitoring tumor treatment using ablation – feasibility results were published in the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology in Q4 2005.

Spectros has patient and physician information, clinical and business news, and more on its website at www.spectros.com. The rtial site for the FirstScan line is at www.firstscan.net

Spector is seeking a qualified Medical Director.