Daewoo Taps 3DVU for 3D Image with Full Landscape Elevation in Their Next Car Navigation System

3DVU’s technology offers the most realistic car navigation system ever with 3D imagery and terrain elevation

Raanana, Israel -- Nov. 22, 2005 - 3DVU announced today that its 3rd generation VisualMap™ technology presenting satellite imagery and terrain elevation, will fuel Daewoo Precision Industries’ in-car navigation system. This system is targeted for the preinstalled OEM and dealer option markets in Korea. For the first time, drivers will able to benefit from a truly realistic navigation aid.

Isaac Levanon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of 3DVU stated, "Daewoo’s decision signifies the new and inevitable trend of presenting more realistic and intuitive navigation aids for users. This is part of the continuous wave of solutions to be offered by major car-navigation entities with 3DVU’s technology”.

3DVU has overcome major technical barriers to enhance the drivers’ navigation experience by providing smooth continuous movements with 3D perspective over images with terrain elevation in such limited computing devices such as in-car navigation systems. The technology is software based and platform independent thus can be ported and integrated into any car navigation system and Personal Navigation Device (PND).

“For the first time, navigating users will view realistic imagery with the elevation of mountains and valleys on their mobile devices” added Levanon.

About 3DVU
3DVU was established in the year 2000 to revolutionize the way our world is viewed, navigated and interacted with. The vision remains to allow users to view the source of mapping – imagery. We have developed a unique technology that streams imagery in 3D to any digital device, anywhere.

3DVU‘s technology presents the most realistic navigation aid available on any digital device, anywhere. The groundbreaking technology enables in-car navigation systems, PDAs, PNDs, mobile handsets and PCs to display realistic, 3D virtual worlds. Using Visual Map™, satellite and aerial imagery, as well as mapping data, such as point of interest and route information, can now be streamed over limited-bandwidth communications with realistic 3D views and smooth maneuverability.

3DVU is changing the face of mapping by providing the freedom to look at the world in more realistic and compelling ways. The company is strategically partnered with carmakers, navigation systems and mobile devices and handset developers, major satellite and aerial image-sensing entities, mapping and GIS data providers.