GPUs : New Paradigm in Parallel Processing, Applications and Opportunities

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DATE :  Tuesday, August 20th, 2013   ABSTRACT : 
Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)  have transformed the way parallel processing is done. Instead of small number of powerful processors, hundreds or even thousands of simple ones are assembled on a single chip. Originally designed to process individual pixels in graphical applications, GPUs are now harnessed to address hitherto insoluble problems in medical instruments and imaging, defense and surveillance, autonomous vehicles, sensory computing, manufacturing design and simulation, and seismic geology. The talk will be relevant to entrepreneurs who are looking fort the "next big thing" and to investors who may be thinking of the future mega trends
VENUE :  KPMG - 3975 Freedom Circle, Santa Clara, CA 95054  
Dinner, Networking & Exhibition
6:00-6:30pm Company Presentations
6:30-7:00pm Speaker Presentation, Q&A
Networking & Exhibition
Shanker Trivedi, VP Sales, NVIDIA Corp

Shanker is responsible for industry business development and worldwide sales for the PSG products (Quadro, VGX/Grid and Tesla). His aim is to make NVIDIA the premier provider of scientific, technical and high-performance computing solutions. Prior to NVIDIA, he was Chief Marketing Officer and SVP, Corporate Development at Callidus Software. During this period, revenues doubled to over $100m and market-value tripled. Prior to Callidus, Shanker held senior executive positions at Sun Microsystems where, as VP and General Manager, he doubled Sun’s revenue in UK and Ireland to over $1.3bn. Prior to Sun, Shanker held various positions at IBM (Europe) and ICL/Fujitsu (UK). His start‐up experience includes Yugma (instant web conferencing), Equinox in London as well as co-founding Microsense in Hyderabad. Shanker holds an M.B.A. (Gold Medal – 1st rank) from IIM Calcutta and an M.S. in Mathematics and Computing from IIT Delhi.

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