Making sense of Big Data

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DATE :  Tuesday, April 23, 2013   ABSTRACT : 
During this talk we will point to some of the technologies involved in “Big Data,” which is more than storing large amounts of data. In order to leverage the large data, new automated methods are being deployed. The old paradigm of data mining for structured data is morphing into text mining for unstructured data. With the focus shifting from infrastructure to managing the content and analyzing and repurposing information, this information is increasingly machine generated by logging events such as IP traffic logs, financial transactions, oil field sensors, transportation systems sensors, and billions of other items per day. Companies ranging from Google and Yahoo! to companies like Bloomberg to Amazon and Wal-Mart are utilizing this data.
VENUE :  KPMG - 3975 Freedom Circle, Santa Clara, CA 95054  
Buffet Dinner, Networking & Exhibition
6:00-6:30pm Company Presentations
6:30-7:00pm Speaker Presentation, Q&A
Networking & Exhibition
Shmuel Shottan, Vice President of Product Operations & Technology, Hitachi Data Systems

Shmuel Shottan is Vice President of Product Operations & Technology, responsible for NAS and Scale-Out development  at Hitachi Data Systems. Shottan was named to his current position following the acquisition of BlueArc in September 2011. Previously Mr. Shottan was Senior Vice President and CTO of BlueArc, provider of the most scalable network storage solutions. Previously, Shmuel served as vice president and general partner of Quantum Technology Ventures, and senior vice president of engineering and chief technical officer for Quantum's Snap Division, Where he led the development of the award-winning Snap Server. Previously he was Senior Vice President of Engineering and Chief Technical Officer of Parallan Computer, a developer of high performance super servers. Shmuel also held executive positions at AST Computers, and ICL. Shmuel has served on the advisory boards and corporate boards  of several networking and storage startups. Shmuel also serves on the industry advisory board for the computer society.
Shottan holds B.S. degrees from the Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology in electrical engineering and computer science. Shmuel true passion is world and military history. Shmuel is an avid sailor.


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