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DATE :  Tuesday, November 12th, 2013  ABSTRACT: 
3D printing is already influencing how we dress, eat, fly, drive and more. The technology, where a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape is recreated from a digital model blueprint, is fast becoming one of the hottest tech trends of 2013. After all, it has the potential to affect major industries like aerospace, medicine, transportation, and manufacturing. The cost-effective, yet high-quality features of 3D printed objects, along with the accompanying virtual marketplaces and cloud-based consumer software, are bringing the technology within the reach
VENUE :  KPMG - 3975 Freedom Circle, Santa Clara
Dinner, Networking & Exhibition
6:00pm Opening Words
6:05pm Company Presentations
6:30pm Speaker Presentations, Q&A
7:30pm Networking & Exhibition
Jason Dunn, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Made In Space
Made in Space is a developer of 3D printer to use in space with goal of enabling in-space manufacturing. The company’s first 3D Printer is scheduled for arrival at the International Space Station in 2014 and will be launched on a SpaceX resupply mission. Founded in 2010, Made in Space has partnered with top 3D printing companies to leverage this technology and has done over 20,000+ hours of testing of various 3D printing technologies, off-the-shelf and custom-built printers, and dozens of printer components. Made in Space’s team members and advisors include three-time astronaut Dan Barry, CEO Aaron Kemmer, CSO Mike Chen, and Director of R&D Mike Snyder. Mr. Dunn, the chief technologist of the company, holds two degrees in aerospace engineering and is a space entrepreneur currently building his second space company.
Scott Summit, Senior Director, 3D Systems Corporation
Scott Summit seeks to connect complex human needs with design and technology solutions. To this end, he founded Bespoke Innovations in 2010, based on 20 years of experience and research in design and additive fabrication. Bespoke was founded on the simple idea that an integrated approach that connects design, medicine and new technology stands to offer more meaningful and individualized solutions to address a wide variety of human needs. As a designer, his clients have included Apple, Nike, Palm, Silicon Graphics, and other innovations-oriented companies large and small. His designs have earned international recognition including top honors from the IDSA, IDEA, The Chicago Athenaeum, IGood Design, and Core77. Summit holds over 20 design and utility patents and has held faculty positions at Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon, and currently holds a faculty position at Singularity University. He has spoken at TEDx Cambridge, the Vanguard Lecture Series, the Summit Series, Stanford’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders series and keynoted at Autodesk University. Bespoke was acquired by 3D Systems in May of 2012, and now drives its medical solutions research.
Dr. Jason Veres, Manager of the Printed Electronics team, PARC (a Xerox company)
For more than a decade, PARC has been at the forefront of developing Printed Electronics. This technology employs advanced materials that can be treated as inks and used to  build additively transistors, circuits, sensors, batteries. Printing functionalities rather than just images on paper unleashes “printing as manufacturing tool”. Printed electronics also enables 3D printed objects, that are intelligent. Integrating printed electronics with 3D printing introduces (thousands of) new and exciting possibilities in many industries, including healthcare & wellness, sports & fitness, packaging, prescription drugs, and more. Before joining PARC, Dr. Veres was CTO at PolyPhotonix, developing novel OLED devices. Prior to that, he worked at Eastman Kodak as Program Manager of Printed Electronics. He also played a key role in developing novel electronic materials at Merck Chemicals (formerly Avecia) as a Business Research Associate. An author on over 20 patents and 40 publications, Dr. Veres holds a Ph.D. in Solid State Electronics from Imperial College in London.
Joel Yarmon, Seed Venture Capital Investor, Draper Associates, L.P.
Draper Associates are investing in emerging technologies. In the space of 3D printing, their portfolio includes: Inventables, Cambrian Genomics, Raydiance, EoPlex and Protoexchange. Prior to joining Draper Associates, Mr. Yarmon served as Technology Director for the United States Senate Commerce Committee, advising Senators on technology legislation and policy. Mr. Yarmon also co-founded an IT consulting startup, Iceware Technologies, where he specialized in wireless application infrastructure. Joel has an MBA from Tulane University's Freeman School of Business, and a BA from the University of Puget Sound where he was Captain of the NCAA ski racing team. Joel also attended the United States Naval War College where he studied Joint Maritime Operations.
Steve Rebensdorf, Channel Manager, Stratasys Incorporated
Steve Rebensdorf is a Channel Manager at Stratasys Incorporated, covering the Western Region of the US. He has been at Stratasys since 1997, but has held sales and support roles in the CAD/CAM/RP and Manufacturing industry for over 20 years. During his time at Stratasys, he has had the pleasure of educating engineers, managers, and executives on how additive manufacturing can benefit their bottom line and revolutionize the way companies do business.
Evan Atherton, Applied Innovation, Autodesk
Evan is currently an Engineer of Applied Innovation in the Office of the CTO at Autodesk. A native of Southern California, he relocated to the Bay Area to study mechanical engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. He received a Master of Science in mechanical engineering, and promptly jumped into the world of digital design and fabrication. Much of Evan’s work focusses on Additive Manufacturing as a tool to create end-users products. His 3D-printed desktop speaker enclosures were recently featured by both and Engadget. When not not 3D printing, it is likely that you can find Evan rewatching Star Wars.”
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