Women Power Players

Two Executive Discussions in Two Different Industries
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DATE :  November 10th, 2009
VENUE :  KPMG - 500 E. Middlefield Rd. Mountain View, CA
5:00 - 5:45pm Poster Session / Buffet Dinner / Networking
5:45 -7:15pm Company Presentations
7:15 - 7:30pm Break / Poster Session / Networking
7:30 - 8:00pm

Keynote Speaker: Marissa Mayer
"Innovation in Search Technology"

8:00 - 8:30pm Keynote Speaker: Anne Korin
"Turning Oil into Salt"
8:30 - 9:00pm Poster Session / Networking
Innovation in Search Technology

Marissa Mayer is Vice President of Search Product and User Experience at Google. Marissa leads the company's product management efforts on search products – web search, images, news, books, products, maps, Google Earth, the Google Toolbar, Google Desktop, Google Health, Google Labs, and more. She joined Google in 1999 as Google's first female engineer and led the user interface and web server teams at that time. Her efforts have included designing and developing Google's search interface, internationalizing the site to more than 100 languages, defining Google News, Gmail, and Orkut, and launching more than 100 features and products on Google.com. Several patents have been filed on her work in artificial intelligence and interface design. In her spare time, Marissa also organizes Google Movies – outings a few times a year to see the latest blockbusters – for 6,000+ people (employees plus family and friends). Concurrently with her full-time work at Google, Marissa has taught introductory computer programming classes at Stanford to more than 3,000 students. Stanford has recognized her with the Centennial Teaching Award and the Forsythe Award for her outstanding contribution to undergraduate education. Prior to joining Google, Marissa worked at the UBS research lab (Ubilab) in Zurich, Switzerland, and at SRI International in Menlo Park, California. Marissa has been featured in various publications, including Newsweek ("10 Tech Leaders of the Future"), Red Herring ("15 Women to Watch"), Business 2.0 ("Silicon Valley Dream Team"), BusinessWeek, Fortune, and Fast Company. Graduating with honors, Marissa received her B.S. in Symbolic Systems and her M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University. For both degrees, she specialized in artificial intelligence.

Turning Oil into salt
Anne Korin is co-director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security (IAGS). Korin chairs the Set America Free Coalition, an alliance of national security, environmental, labor and religious groups promoting ways to reduce America's dependence on oil. She appears in the media frequently and has written articles for Foreign Affairs, The American Interest, The National Review, Commentary Magazine, and the Journal of International Security Affairs. She is co-author of Energy Security Cahllenges for the 21st Century (2009) and Turning Oil into Salt (2009.) Ms. Korin appears frequently on Capitol Hill and her advice is sought by members of Congress.


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