Tower Semiconductor Ltd. (Nasdaq:TSEM, TASE: TSEM) is a pure-play wafer foundry, strategically focused on specialized CMOS technologies.
Jexys Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a cell-based drug discovery and development company.
Vascular BioSciences develops novel interventional devices for vascular-based diseases.
AFS Trinity Power Corporation’s advanced flywheel power systems store and discharge energy much better than batteries.
Wondir operates an internet service which lets anyone ask questions and get answers from other people, fast.
Created universal system for automatically accessing any secure server without the need to type and remember passwords.
LeadGenesys offers a web-based solution specifically designed to optimize integrated B2B lead-generation efforts.
cSoftGroup, Inc. is a leading edge Integration Products Software Company with new Supply Chain products Powered By SAP NetWeaver and certified by FedEx.
Gradiance is devoted to innovative ways of making high-quality education in Math, Science, and Engineering affordable and broadly available.
The Readiness Company's LearnTrac software powers wireless, mobile instructional technology to produce 40% better learning outcomes and 33% lower costs.
planetRE is a leading online sales force automation software provider to the real estate industry.
Wireless Ethernet cable replacement systems for ultra-long-range, Non-Line-of-Sight broadband backhaul to digital security cameras, WiFi APs and kiosks.
Circumnav is generating and integrating accurate, personalized traffic and map data with a cost-effective navigation solution to inform drivers of the quickest route and ETA to their destination.
Nanostellar, Inc. is a nano-materials company focused on Clean Energy applications.