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For the week commencing December 17, 2001

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all Happy Holidays and prosper New Year.

I want to thank you all for your support, encouragement, and contributions this year. I recognize that 2001 was a difficult year for all of us, but despite the uncertainties and tragedy that occurred, our group prospered.  We expanded our membership, enriched our list of partners with reputable companies and sponsors, and made significant investments in new startup companies.
I am looking forward to a healthy and successful new year, and expect further improvements in our economy and investment climate. I wish you all again a very happy new year.

Gadi Behar


In this issue...

New Investments


We are proud to announce Silicom Ventures  raised funds for three innovative start up companies last month, Vsecure, AxessOne and eZula. We are also still in the process of raising fund for Walden Israel Executive Side Fund.

Walden Israel

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Silicom Ventures' Fund  focused on value and growth

In our last meeting 12/11/01 Jacob Tanz the former CEO of Oren Semiconductor announced the formation of a fund within Silicom Ventures.  The fund will focus on early stage investment in technology companies, distressed company and IP acquisition.

We will keep you updated on the progress.

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The Silicom Ventures Wireless Symposium

Silicom ventures is proud to present its Wireless Symposium which will take place on February 20th, 2002. This event will provide a platform for Wireless experts to debate the current status of the industry, its future, challenges, infrastructure and leading technologies. The event will start with a buffet dinner followed by five speakers, panel and Q&A from the audience.

 A formal invitations will be send out next month. Admission is free of charge for Silicom Ventures' members.

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Innovative Start up grows under Silicom's umbrella

Moshe Gelles has recently joined Silicom Ventures as EIR [entrepreneurs in residence). Moshe will focus his attention on networking and wireless fields and has specific interest in Unlicensed Spectrum architectures. For additional information please contact moshe at: [email protected]

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Silicom Ventures reaches a mile stone

Thanks to you Silicom Ventures has grown 50% in the last quarter We are currently 100 members strong. Many of our members are VCs from the Silicon Valley and Israel, whose total managed asset is over $4 billion.

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Advisory Board grows


We welcome Jacob Tanz, Isaac Applbaum, Moshe Gelles and Yoram Solomon which joined Silicom Ventures advisory board.


Jacob Tanz has nearly 20 years of executive and general management experience leading sales and marketing organizations. Most recent, Mr. Tanz was the CEO of Oren Semiconductor, Inc. Prior to his assignment at Oren Semiconductor, Mr. Tanz was Vice President, North American sales and marketing with Libit Signal Processing Inc. More about Mr. Tanz


Isaac Applbaum is a Venture Partner with Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Mr. Applbaum is a Venture Partner with Lightspeed Venture Partners, a Venture Capital firm with $2.3 billion under management. Prior to joining Lightspeed, Mr. Applbaum was the founder and CEO of Concorde Solutions Inc. (CSI). In 1998 Mr. Applbaum sold CSI to Bank of America. More about Mr. Applbaum


Moshe Gelles was Director of Technical Marketing at RealChip Corporation (Voice-over-IP and Voice-over-ATM). Prior, he served as Director of Business Development for Lucent, in Ethernet and ATM switches. In 1992, he co-founded NetWiz, a maker of Multiport Ethernet Switches, and served as its CEO until 1998. More about Mr. Gelles

Yoram Solomon is the Vice President and General Manager of the Advanced Communications Business Unit, focused on Wireless LAN. He joined PCTEL as a Director for the Broadband and Wireless Product Line. In previous position, Mr. Solomon served as Vice President, Marketing for Voyager Technologies, Inc. when Voyager was acquired by PCTEL. Prior to that, Mr. Solomon founded Solram Electronics, a Voice over IP Israeli hardware startup, and served as its President and CEO. More about Mr. Solomon

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Articles send by Silicom Ventures’ members



Second Generation, Multi-Mode Wireless LAN Clients By Yoram Solomon

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The funny corner

Click here to see the next generation of the Internet

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Your feedback is welcome. For articles and any information that might interest the group to be posted on the next newsletter,  Please contact me at: [email protected]


Tal Behar