Poster Session Companies August 24, 2010
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Fitness and Exercise Equipment

Dosho Design makes people look and feel better by creating the next revolution in fitness, creating equipment that makes exercise more effective, safer and more fun.

Series A

Green tech Motiontron provides energy management with their web interface software and power distribution box that replaces traditional power panels for managing and monitoring individual loads throughout a home. $200K
Round 1

Consumer Internet Survcast aims to measure, map, and communicate public opinions in ways that empower people on and off line by providing unique community controlled survey and polling features. $500K
Mobile Applications XOXOLand is the ultimate iPhone app for "neighborhood dating", converging gaming and dating to all leading Smartphone platforms. $350K

Follow Up


Clean tech wireless Digital Sun is a clean tech company providing Wireless Facility Area Network (WFAN) solutions for smart water management in commercial and residential markets.

Series A



Members' Corner

Ron Hadar currently serves as President and COO of Tigo Energy, a Silicon Valley based start up that develops Software and Hardware products for the Photovoltaic Solar, balance of system market. Prior founding Tigo Energy, Hadar was a Vice President and General Manager at MKS Instruments (NASDAQ MKSI), Control and Information Technology product group (CIT) which combined six multinational MKS acquisitions. Hadar led the integration and turnaround which resulted in successful and profitable business units. Prior to MKS, Hadar was co-founder and CEO of Tenta Technology, a US-Israeli based company that developed control system solutions for semiconductors capital equipment and which was acquired by MKS during 2002. During the time at Tenta Technology, he founded Tega Systems, an integration and final test facility, based in Karmiel Israel. Prior to Tenta Technology, Hadar worked at Applied Materials in Santa Clara and Israel, in various positions, including system engineering and operations. Hadar also serves as a board member of Neoclarus, an on-demand software company.
Tigo Energy delivers more energy, active management, and enhanced safety for utility, commercial, and residential solar arrays. This results in a faster return on investment and lower cost of ownership. By maximizing the energy output of each individual module, Tigo Energy's revolutionary solution addresses a number of issues that limit the efficiency, availability and flexibility of today’s solar installations.