Poster Session Companies May 10, 2011
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Company Industry

Presenting & Exhibiting

Software Arrayent sells an end-to-end software solution to major brand product companies that want to add internet, i.e. smartphone, tablet and PC browser, connectivity to their products (e.g. sprinkler controllers, power strips, thermostats, smoke/CO alarms, access security, home health monitoring, toys, etc.). $400K
Mobile, Consumer CellTwo aims to enable every cell phone to have two or more different identities = lines. CellTwo allows the mobile user to choose which network to work with, choose the coverage, price plan and in any chosen geography. $1.5M
Web-based software for medical device industry, is a provider of web-based software is revolutionizing the way the medical device industry approaches the process of technology transfer.  The platform delivers a set of tools and critical information that is necessary to help physicians and innovators bring life saving technologies to market.

2nd Equity Round

Health Information/ Consumer Internet

Evinome™ provides extremely high-quality health information to individuals with inherited risk for serious disease and the professionals who care for them.

Partners & Clients

LED & solar powered light box manufacturer

Inovolux manufactures indoor and outdoor advertising. The Solar Powered “LEDBackLit” Light Box offers retailers opportunity to place their brand, message, product, and/or service in front of consumers.

$500K Series A

Healthcare IT

Mediviz improves hospital clinical throughput, enhance asset utilization and cost containment by provision of an optimal, real-time, enterprise-wide, workflow and resource management solution.


Personal Health

MyEnviroRisk is developing genetic tests for individual susceptibility to environmental toxins like mercury. 

$2M Series A

Software Resiligence prevents & mitigates emergencies and losses in cities, campuses, corporations and retail organizations. In short, we develop products to make communities of people safer. $2M Series A
Online games Turpitude create hard-to-copy game mechanics that stake out a new category of social games and drive repeated play over an extended period of time, both of which contribute to a higher overall player lifetime value at a lower cost of acquisition. Up to $1M
Web based service for the construction industry ZamRay provides a unique web-based service specifically targeted at the construction industry, by providing a reputable forum for contractors, distributors, equipment dealers and manufacturers, to buy and sell surplus material, equipment, tools and vehicles.  $750K Series 2