Poster Session Companies March 9th, 2010
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Company Industry



Internet Services

AllDigital, Inc. is focused on technologies and
services that enable the secure transport of digital content to connected devices.

$2.5 - $5 M Series A



Avalanche is a leader in long-term drug delivery technology for age-related macular degneration.

Series A


Residential Telecom

Chron ITS is building a software middleware and applications that transform today’s home Set-top Box / Digital Video Recorder / Home Media Gateway into an entertainment-communications hub through the addition of powerful yet easy-to-use Unified Communications and Social TV technology.

Seed Round


Social Media

CrowdFanatic is the first Online Confrontation Platform – a global arena for millions of enthusiastic fans and supporters (in the areas of sports, entertainment and politics) to express their group identity, engage with other group members and to confront and compete against their rivals.

Second Round

Internet Vivvva's mission is to Democratizing The Fashion World!!!
Where everyone can fully participate in the fashion industry both as producers and consumers, as designers as well as influencers, advertisers, models and shoppers.
Seed Round
Elevator Pitch      

Mobile Marketing Advertising

Celliex enable marketers to interact with consumers everywhere.

$600K out of $1M Total Round

Medical Technology Hearium is a Med-Tech company that is in a space not regulated by the FDA. We have cornered an area of the IP landscape at the intersection of hardware, software and material science with over 200 patents enabling the personalized control of sound for an $11.5 B/yr $8M                   
2nd Round