Poster Session Companies October 13th, 2009
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Company Industry

Full Spectrum, develops and manufacturers broadband wireless communications infrastructure equipment for mission critical industries. The Company’s products enable the implementation of the smart grid and other intelligent networks for a variety of industries including the electric utility, oil and gas, and transportation industries as well as emergency response and homeland security networks.

SaaS iCharts is a web services company that provides a simple affordable way to bring high quality interactive charts online, making them searchable and easy to distribute. iCharts objective is to become the industry standard for online publication and distribution of interactive charts by taking what is today a complicated process and making

Series A

Alternative Energy IQwind is an innovator of a unique variable gearbox technology (IQGearTM) that significantly reduces the cost of energy generated by existing and newly-built wind turbines. Bridge Round
Alternative Energy

Mechanical Electric makes machines that store electricity mechanically. Our flagship product, the Mechanical Electric Storage Appliance (MESA) stores electricity as mechanical potential energy.  It's simple, clean, efficient, and timely.  With the current mandates to bring significant percentages of renewable energy onto the grid, storage is "an essential enabling technology for cleantech, the sixth industrial revolution."

Mobile Mobile-XL focused on building value added services to mobile users worldwide. Mobile-XL’s mission is to connect families, friends, communities and businesses by harnessing ubiquitous SMS technology.
$500K with $250K already committed
Medical Imaging

OcuBell is a consumable-based ophthalmic imaging company devoted for improving the management of patients with retinal diseases.


Healthcare Information is a lead generation company focused on the healthcare professions,with proprietary technology, a unique business model and very high return on invested capital. $400K
Second Round