Celebrating 10 Years!

Table of Contents

1. Upcoming Events
2. Silicom Summit 2009 @ Stanford University: Recap
3. Most
Promising Early Stage Company Award 2009
4. Boot Camp
5. Silicom Summit 2010 in Israel
6. New Investment
7. Portfolio Company Updates
8. Shikun & Binui- Real Estate Investment
9. Member Corner
10.Funny Corner / New Service

Upcoming Events of 2009

All events are for members only except boot camps, annual summits and large conferences otherwise noted.

August 11th 2009 | Monthly Meeting | Personalized Medicine: 21st Century Health Care Click for Invitation

August 26th 2009 | Seminar | Angel Investing: Structure, Legal Issues & Red Flags Click for Invitation

September 9th 2009 | Monthly Meeting | Wednesday instead of Tuesday, due to Labor Day weekend
TV 2.0 Panel discussion on "new TV" - targeted ads, interactive TV, online and mobile video
Click for Invitation

September 21st 2009 | Company Visit | Intel, System-on-Chip group, showcasing current products Click for Invitation

October 13th 2009 | Monthly Meeting | Semiconductor Industry: Trends and Opportunities by Chi-Foon Chan, President and COO of Synopsys Click for Invitation

October 27th 2009 | Boot Camp | For independent developers of iPhone applications

October 28th-29th 2009 | Boot Camp | Build your Business in Slow Growth Economy (second day is a full-day with Jerry Weissman, improving presentation skills) Click for Invitation

November 10th 2009 | Monthly Meeting | Mobile Applications

November 19th 2009 | Member Seminar | Internet Plumbing, its mechanics and how it is used by advertisers/marketeers Click for Invitation

Silicom Summit 2009 @ Stanford University: Recap

This year the Silicom Summit 2009 was held at the beautiful Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center at Stanford University. The lineup of speakers included names such as Trip Hawkins, Vinod Khosla, Meg Whitman, Tom Rogers, and Yossi Vardi for a total of 48 speakers and panelists. In attendance were about 400 members and guests.

Most Promising Early Stage Company Award 2009

Twenty select companies competed for the most promising early stage company award. The winner was Boston Heart Lab, a personalized medicine startup that provides diagnostic information to make meaningful treatment decisions for heart disease patients. More

Winner of 2009

IQWind the winner of the 2008 competition award that took place in Israel, raised a total of $2M to date about $800K from Angels.

Winner of 2008

Boot Camp

As a part of the Silicom Summit 2009, we held the first boot camp for entrepreneurs on June 2nd. For many years we've seen entrepreneurs make common mistakes when trying to raise funds, realizing the importance of providing entrepreneurs with a day of concentrated training on how to best position their company during fund raising. For program and to sign up for the next bootcamp click here.

Silicom Summit 2010 in Israel: Save the date!

Due to requests from members that attended past summits and those who missed it, we are happy to announce we will be holding our third summit in Israel from June 20th - 25th in 2010. The tentative program is as follows:

June 20-21 Tel Aviv
June 22-23 Jerusalem
June 24-25 Dead Sea

On the first 2 days of the summit, we would like to invite members to participate in the bootcamp. We hope to facilitate talking and sharing member's personal experiences as local entrepreneurs or investors with Israeli entrepreneurs. In Jerusalem and the Dead Sea we will combine visits to Israeli companies with sight seeing. In 2006 we visited Israel's largest pharmaceutical company, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, the Israeli Parliament, the Technion's incubator, Caesarea the Ancient City and Jerusalem. In 2008 we visited the Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) and then toured the old city of Jerusalem including the Wailing Wall tunnels and temple mount. The following day we visited the city of Nazareth, the Church of the Annunciation, Given Imaging and 3DV and the Sea of Galili.

Program Summit 2008 from the Israel Summit 2008
View pictures
Israel Summit 2008.
View Press Releases Israel Summit 2008.

View pictures from the Israel Summit 2006.

New Investment

ISeeLoc developed an indoor navigation platform that will sell into the consumer market through various products and services. According to the CEO, the company has made a lot of progress since its presentation at Silicom. On the financial side it had a first closing of a bridge loan of $350K. The round itself of about $1M will close at end of August. The company is producing its stand-alone car locator and in parallel it works with a well known cell phone company to integrate the technology with the next generation cell phones (to be marketed in Q3 2010). The company also accrued interest from European and Japanese car manufacturers.

Portfolio Company Updates

Yoggie Security Systems Yoggie Management Server™ transformed into a VMware-based Virtual Appliance read more

iFly, SF Bay, the wind tunnel business located in Union City, allows people of all ages to experience flying and skydiving without jumping from a plane.
14 Silicomventures investors made original investments in early 2006. The construction of the wind tunnel was completed in late 2007 and the business has been generating revenues since Q4-2007. For the first half of 2009 revenues grew 12% vs. the same period in 2008, which is quite remarkable given the slowing economy. A major challenge for the business was the construction cost which was way above original estimates. As a result, several expensive loans were taken to close the gap. However, in Q2-2009 all the expensive debts were converted to equity.
The business has been about breakeven on operational profit. The next milestone, for us as investors, is to generate extra cash so dividends can be distributed. The plan to get there is by continuing to grow revenues and control expenses. If you want to experience flying in this wind tunnel check the website: www.iflysfbay.com
It can be lots of fun for you, your family and friends.

Regroup (formerly CollegeWikis) made some significant progress, culminating in 3 sales to school clients in the last 3 weeks.  (The schools: Frostburg State University, in the state system of Maryland; New Mexico Highlands University, in the state system of NM; and Valparaiso School of Law in Indiana). Over the last couple months, their goal has been to prove out the model of sales. Because the market is tough and schools have a notoriously long sales process, we believe the company's success in making sales in a relative short time period bodes well for the value of Regroup and future market opportunity. They have a strong pipeline of more schools that they are looking forward to reporting on soon.

Devicescape Delivers Easy Wi-Fi to Leading Japanese Service Provider Wi2.. read more

Veodia, acquired ScreenToaster and launched http://screenjel.ly a few weeks ago. The company received great traction and coverage (including TechCrunch, VentureBeat, CNN, etc)


Spectros, funded by Silicom Ventures in 2004, markets and licenses advanced molecular sensing devices that shed light on life-threatening diseases, including ischemia and cancer. Our lead product, the FDA-approved T-Stat Ischemia Detection System, is being used clinically by physicians and surgeons in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. Studies are underway to demonstrate improvements in patient outcome for a number of clinical uses, primarily in the intensive care unit. Distributors are now beginning to carry an increasingly large portion of the sales visits, and this trend is expected to accelerate this year. In order to accommodate our growth, we will be moving to new offices in August 2009. Funding reserves remain sufficient that no additional dilutional capital is expected to be required in the next year. Spectros is also developing follow-on products to provide additional value and reduce operational risk. These include the Lori breast cancer screening system now in Phase III clinical trials, and ProstaFluor and LeukoFluor imaging agents expected to begin Phase I/II human clinical trials next year. Several pivotal agreements have been closed this year with commercial partners to bring these agents to human use, and formal announcement of these deals is expected later this year. Last, Spectros has developed the one of the largest collections of biomedical optical technologies, with unique and deep intellectual property. Spectros aggressively defends its patents from infringement. Most recently, in May 2009, Spectros initiated legal action against ThermoFisher. Other cases may be filed from time to time as requested by the Board of Directors when required to defend our I.P. portfolio from infringement.

Satori Labes $2.2B EMR firm Allscripts features FusionForm digital pen system in annual Allscripts Customer Experience (ACE) keynote. National Library of Medicine (NLM), part of National Institutes of Health (NIH), selects FusionForm digital pen system after extensive competitive evaluation.

Pageonce App, Personal Assistant, has been selected by O'Reilly Media as a Best iPhone App, and is featured in O'Reilly’s book, Best iPhone Apps. Pageonce just launched a major update to its iPhone application, and it blows you out of the water. Pageonce’s v3 update is absolutely fantastic, and Mint’s app pales in comparison (http://www.mobilecrunch.com/2009/06/22/pageonces-updated-iphone-app-brilliantly-combines-all-your-online-accounts-into-one-app/) Pageonce launch Android and Windows Mobile version of it successful Personal Assistant application.

Shikun & Binui - Real Estate Investment

On April 22nd three representatives of Shikun & Binui, the leading infrastructure and real estate company in Israel, presented to Silicom members two new projects in North Tel Aviv and in south Natanya. This investment opportunity was offered to Silicom Ventures members and guests. Since then the prices of the apartments went up 10%- 15%.

Member Corner

This corner includes an update on companies of Silicom Ventures members

BridgeWave's Big Shortwave Bet (Eli Pasternak & Amir Makleff) on Forbes Magazine..MORE

Mountain View Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Merry Sherman & Mark Saifer) announces favorable FDA vote on gout drug.  On June 16, a panel of the FDA’s Arthritis Advisory Committee voted 14-to-1 in favor of approval of a drug for severe gout invented by MVP and Duke University and licensed to Savient Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  Full FDA approval is expected in 2010 after resolution of manufacturing issues. See www.mvpharm.com

Adesto Technologies (Ishai Naveh), a developer of next generation memory solutions, has reached a development and manufacturing agreement with a major production fab and is transferring its technology in preparation for manufacturing ramp.  The agreement includes transfer of the technology from its current  R&D partners and early product ramp.  Furthermore, Adesto Technologies is also working with a leading US based fabless company for deployment of its core memory technology for embedded applications in advanced SoC products. Visit: www.adestotech.com

NanoGreen (Jacob Mor) incorporated in late 2004, a pioneering technologically driven equipment manufacturing company, SEMI selected Nano Green Technology, for best of the west award winner... MORE

Assistyx LLC (Lenny Greenberg) is a provider of affordable Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) solutions. Its first product is TapToTalk™ designed for use by non-verbal autistic children. TapToTalk runs like a game on the Nintendo DS Lite or Nintendo DSi, but it has a serious purpose. The child touches a picture and TapToTalk speaks! For more information go to www.assistyx.com. For more information or to purchase on TapToTalk go to www.TapToTalk.com.

Tigo Energy Announces $10 Million Funding (Ron Hadar) Tigo Energy announced today that it has closed the second round of funding. The $10 million round was led by ICV, and joined by all existing investors (Matrix Partners, OVP and Clal Energy). The series B financing represented a significant premium to Tigo Energy’s first venture round which was funded in May of 2008. Meir Ukeles of ICV has joined the Tigo Board of Directors following the round.

US Economics Digest, Economics Research by Credit Swiss (Alex Cushner) ... MORE

Fairwell to Eitan Bek from Pitango, who is going back to Israel!

Something to laugh about

New Service

Monkey with a deathwish

Karl Marx, looks familiar


Flying Motorcycle

Google Voice gives you a single phone number that rings all your phones, saves your voicemail online, and transcribes your voicemail to text. Other cool features include the ability to listen in on messages while they are being left and the ability to make low cost international calls. To start enjoying Google Voice, just give out your Google Voice number. You can record custom greetings for your favorite callers or block annoying callers by marking them as SPAM. Just click on the settings link at the top of your inbox. We hope you enjoy Google Voice. www.google.com/voice 

You can register for a Google Voice phone number at https://services.google.com/fb/forms/googlevoiceinvite/

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