3dmx is a computer animation studio providing world-class creative, technical, and production solutions to industry leaders and professionals.
AltiusPAR combines next generation technology with a dedication to best-of-breed processes to deliver a broad suite of inventory management, central reservations and revenue management solutions for hotel companies.
Accsys 3000 designs and manufactures handheld devices, such as PDA’s or Smartphones, that incorporate RFID technology for reading and writing EPC tags.
Amplitec provides outsourced research, development, and production capabilities for molecular biology applications.
C3 Technologies offers software development and testing services with an emphasis on superior quality and sophisticated features. Our strategic service offerings span the full range of software solutions.
Moober helps organizations innovate by providing software applications that enable collaboration and interaction
Ingressio provides biometric solutions for identity verification and security control.
InnovaMedica transforms promising new medical device concepts into fully functional, tested, and validated prototypes and products.
INSOL provides leading edge Test, Measurement and Inspection solutions for the Automotive and Electronics Industry.
IPSE Technologies delivers professional services and IT solutions for the Finance and Insurance industries. Services encompass all phases of the IT life cycle. 
IROSA vertically integrates the design and manufacture of high precision biotechnology instrumentation, including a large range of laboratory tools; from automated microscopes to rapid liquid dispensers.
Kernel Technologies offers packaged software products& custom software development. Recognized in Mexico as the leading developer of software products for the food industry, including food distribution, manufacturers and retailers.
MEDIDA provides wireless solutions to measure, communicate, process and control key systems variables anywhere anytime.
Novutek provides world-class, award winning software products for the domestic and international educational and training markets, using efficient and certified industrial processes to ensure quality and effectiveness.
Komodo Technologies, developes mobile applications for rugged PDA and field data acquisition.
PUMS & Toys is a content creation company specialized in the development of interesting, innovative and educational products for both the entertainment and corporate industries.
SigmaTao a CMM-5/CMMi software factory, with expertise in Telecommunications seeks to become the leading provider of nearshore software development services for the Americas.
Simitel develops business telephony software based on VoIP technology that empowers service providers to host their own hosted, contact center platform, allowing them to offer new services to their customers in an on-demand model.
Sinapsis Technologies USA is the leading provider of dedicated and customized centers for IT Services and Resource Management in near shore locations.
StakeWare delivers stakeholder management technology to corporate and government initiatives looking to streamline their reporting on how environmental and social issues pose strategic risks and opportunities for their businesses.
Sinersys is a software development company that focuses on software maintenance solutions.
Softtek Latin America’s larges IT services provider, will become the leading supplier of Near Shore® IT services to North America.
Tramoya developers an integrated and scalable suite of solutions addresing customer lifecycle management and operations efficiency. Finalist in IBM's 2005 Beacon Awards, a comprehensive solution for the SME market needs.


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