Exhibitions - Poster Session
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Company Industry
Home Land Security Acro Inc. is a publicly traded US company (OTC BB:ACRI.OB) with a fully owned subsidiary AcroSec Ltd, based in Israel. Acro is a company catering to global homeland security markets at the forefront of explosive detection
$2-3 M
Communications & Consumer Electronics Aerielle, Inc. is a developer of a multi-media solutions to the consumer market with no compromise in sound quality. Distribution Partners or integrating / soft bundling technology or products
Energy Agam develops "world changing" energy products in two lines for engines and for AC products. Engine line includs a Car engine which consumes a FIFTH of the fuel and emits a TENTH of the pollution, and a Small to mid power plants with an efficiency of 60 percent. AC line includs a Green AC with NO FREON and COP of 6-8, Fresh air unit to re-use heat and cold and Dehumidifing and heating machine for greenhouses and covered pools.
IT Security Applicure intends to become a global leader in the Web Application Security market by developing and selling software-based web application security that fits the requirements of the mass market of internet websites.
$3M - $5M
Telecommunications Audiogate Technologies' product Spikko has a proprietary technology combined with a unique business model, to provide with complete free telephony service to its users while creating direct revenues for every user.
$5M - Series B
Healthcare IT Clinicode is in the business of Healthcare IT. SafeRx, Clinicode's main product, is a pharmacology Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) software solution.



Imagine solution DigitalPro is a leading Israeli development firm that provides a full workflow solution for the new digital image printing era. DigitalPro provides comprehensive solutions for creating, designing and manufacturing a full set of digital printing premium products for mass market use. In the rapidly growing market of digital printing, DigitalPro combines an innovative web II technology, with a unique business model based on revenue share and joint venture.
Online Payment eBIZ.mobility provides a safe and easy way for paying online to the 40% of internet users worldwide who lack credit cards, and to the millions of consumers who do not use their cards for fear of fraud and identity theft. $4.5M Series A
Renewable Energy
& Waste Water Treatment
Emefcy is developing an innovative wastewater treatment system which will generate power by harnessing the energy inherent in organic components in wastewater
A round
Medical EZsurgical is a Life Sciences company, developing, manufacturing and selling medical devices for general and laparoscopic surgery. EZSURGICAL is focusing on developing its own distribution platform in U.S. and already selling its products in medical centers all around US.
Software G.ho.st ("ghost" for Global Hosted Operating System) offers a free Web-based Virtual Computer to every human being.


Round B

Multimedia Human Monitoring is a leading vendor of video (H.264 encoders and video stabilizers) and still-images processing solutions based on its cutting edge patented technologies. $1M-$2M
Clean Technology ICS MOTORS presents a revolutionary new design Two Stroke Opposite Radial Rotary-Piston Engine (ORPE), which is low weight and small size, high power output, low fuel consumption and environmentally friendly.
Implementation of the ORPE with the current automotive technology will achieve the 100 miles/gallon vision today
First Round
BioTech Immune System Key Ltd. was established in June 2005 as a Jerusalem-based privately held company engaged in drug development. The company's mission is focused on the development and commercialization of its novel biologically active compounds for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases.
$1M raised seeking for the next $1M to complete Phase I of the clinical trial
Biopharmaceutical Immunovative Therapies, Ltd. (ITL) specializes in the development of novel therapies for cancer and infectious diseases that incorporate living immune cells as the active ingredients. $2M
and Communication
Technologies (ICT)
Inphodrive develops next generation platform for in-car infotainment. $3-4M

Internet/Personal web spaces

inter8ing is a modern marketing platform, based on a field-proven killer social application.

$0.5M, second of a two parts seed funding round

Clean Technology IQWind's mission is to introduce a disruptive technology into the wind energy market in order to significantly reduce the cost of the wind produced electricity ($/kwh). Consequently, the company's technology has the potential to make wind electricity competitive in price when compared with traditional CO2 polluting alternatives.
$7M for next round
Non-invasive medical devices Karmelsonix develops a line of non-invasive monitoring and diagnostic devices for Asthma management.
PIPE of $6-9M
Medical Devices KeepAlive Medical develops a home based cognitive and behavior decline screening device.
Software KonoLive is the instant collaboration software that is defining the future of knowledge sharing by empowering teams and individuals to get things done, TOGETHER $10M
Cross platform Web Search-Internet, IPTV, Mobile MyOgger is the first to efficiently implement inverse search solution. Myogger mission - Introducing an innovative concept of Behavioral Inverse Search into the search world, for enhanced search assistance, improving relevance and overall user experience.
Pre-seed $400K-$600K
Medical Devices NanoVibronix uses innovative low frequency, low intensity ultrasound for biofilm prevention, increased antibiotic efficacy and soft tissue/wound healing.
Media/Telecommunications NovelSat develops ground station equipment for Satcom that will boost Satcom capacity by 55% over first generation (DVBS) and by 20% over second generation (DVBS-2)
Video Commerce QVC for the Internet. Qoof is a platform and distribution network for video shopping online. $800K left in $1.8M round.
Medical Technology SMT R&D Ltd. is an advanced stage medical device company dealing with neurovascular diseases and stroke. Developed a designated filter protecting the brain from stroke.
Embedded Acoustic Noise Reduction Silentium, the "Silence in a chip" company, is a leading innovator in the field of Spatial ANC. Silentium offers a superior solution for noise reduction embedded at the source, by providing a unique active noise control chip based Solution - The S-Cube™, while presenting a $ Billion market opportunity. $5-8M
Aerospace&Defense Simlat provides high-end Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV/UAS)Training & Simulation Systems for both civil and military markets. $2M
Medical Devices Step of Mind developed a non-invasive solution that retrains the brain to process motor control based on chaos theory for pesrsons with movement disorders origin from a brain damage
Medical Devices for Orthopedics Surgix developing unique computer assisted surgery for Orthopedic operations.
Medical devices Vayro devlops implants that automatically fasten themselves to their target site
SOA/Enterprise IT VeNotion Technologies provides business serviceWare software solutions to global 2000 companies. ServiceWare consists of an automated business services and related IT assets models, assuring software components and SOA services are organized and managed by business context. $5M - $10M
ZOW is an AI engine that drives original content over telephony systems including land line, mobile, etc. We create an audio embedded based opportunity for distributing advertising over the phone in a totally non-invasive manner.